A quick follow up to yesterday’s post about failing miserably in ToT and not even being able to clear Jin’rok.

We zoned in on Tuesday night with a new hunter to replace the one we lost.

(If you follow me on Twitter, you might remember me talking about calling a raid early when one of our raiders reported he was puking blood but wanted to wait until the raid was over before going to the ER. Turns out he has a stomach ulcer. He was hoping to continue raiding but hasn’t logged since.)

We had a full complement of healers.

We had a PUG warlock to replace our warlock that suddenly went MIA the other week.

(He logs on via remote chat but won’t talk to anyone. Even if he was hacked or sold his account you would think he would log in to vent to give us a heads up on current events…)

So we entered ToT with a full raid, nearly all guilded.

Wiped once on our good pal, Jin, before destroying him.

Pulled Horridon and it was ugly.

Lost the warlock to parental aggro.

Things were looking grim.

Raid leader returns to town and finds us another warlock.

A couple more pulls, getting better and better each time.

Suddenly, we’re on the fourth door.

Where are all the adds?


We killed all the adds.

We are all still alive.

War-god Jalak drops in.


We are all still alive.

Jalak falls.

All hell starts breaking loose as Horridon rampages, killing the tank.

Battle rez is out and the other tank picks it up.

Some 30 seconds short of the enrage timer, we down him.

Tir got the Thunderforged healing trinket off his bonus roll. There was a staff I lost the roll on to the warlock.

The warlock joined the guild to permanently replace our MIA ‘lock. (Yay, now I get to lose gear rolls to a new warlock all over again.)

We poked at Council twice but it was past raid time. Back in on Thursday.

With Horridon being considered the cockblock of this raid, I’m hoping we can make good progress over the next couple weeks with our new team.

One comment on “Redemption

  1. slice213 says:

    Grats on a horridon kill. he is quite the annoying fight!


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