Might as well

Tuesday’s raid sort of ran out of steam… and by steam I mean people. So I might as well post.

Tir’s been having a rough week so missed raid as he was passed out before the raid even started, meaning we were out our strongest healer.

Our normal (new) hunter was MIA for something in RL.

We did have a new warlock to replace the last two we burned through in rapid succession. We need a warlock vending machine. Hell, I would be happy with a Healthstone vending machine.

The warrior was busy, but his girlfriend was playing his character. (Much better than she normally does but she was even more talkative than normal. I don’t think she took a breath the whole night.)

We were short our normal heal and DPS spots on top of the absences.

Almost an hour after raid started we had a temporary hunter, a resto druid, and an ele shaman.

Off to Throne of Thunder!

And let the wiping begin!

Once again, we had to explain the concept of lightning orb placement to a new group of people.

(Tip – middle of the room is bad. On top of another orb’s fissure is bad. On the raid is bad. Just drop the fucking thing on the grate, FFS.)

We got through after a handful of wipes and moved to the trash leading to Horridon.

Goody. Goody. Gumdrops.

We have the QUEST.

The quest to kill the wraith chick.

The quest that is apparently downright terrifying because the druid and his buddy dropped almost immediately when the quest popped up on our screens.

Another 20 minutes of fruitless searching for replacements and we called the raid.

So I still don’t know what’s up with the quest.

The sad thing is last week we were a hair’s breadth away from killing Council.

OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but we were getting really close. Interrupts were a lot better and Tir talked them in to 2-healing it so he could tear shit up as a ret pally.

Maybe tonight we’ll have 10 people that aren’t scared of a quest ghost.

3 comments on “Might as well

  1. Nina says:

    What to do with the Monara quest.

    Pull her all the way back to Jin’rokh’s room. Run out when she does her shadow crash thing. Curse because all this effort gives you nothing but a failbag.

    And for god’s sake don’t google her name where your kids can see you.


  2. […] I posted earlier, I was looking forward to trying the QUEST (which apparently involves a draenei porn […]


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