Didn’t see that coming

As I posted earlier, I was looking forward to trying the QUEST (which apparently involves a draenei porn star).

Log on Thursday evening bearing bad news – Tir’s semester is winding to a close and he’s slammed with homework/studying.

The GM/raid leader was less than enthused, but understood that school is at least slightly more important than wiping all night.

I was on about 30 minutes prior to raid.

There were 4 of us logged and ready to go.

I ran out to the island and popped into the inn. I had my flasks, my feasts, my pots.

Quick note to the raid leader that I was going to alt hop to burn cooldowns (and repost auctions).

Hanging out in vent in case anything exciting happens.

Our resident DK was rambling about gear selection and dual-wield versus two-hander for AoE/cleave versus single-target fights.

The raid leader is mostly silent, save for the occasional outburst of frustration.

I take care of my auctions and even pop over to Selwyn for a couple minutes.

A quick flight out to a vendor and a mysterious orb was converted into a second kitty cat mount. Red, this time.

It’s now raid time on the dot, but the raid leader hasn’t said anything in vent about invites going out.

No one else has joined vent, it’s still just the 4 of us.

Back to Arioch.

Original guild message of the day flashes, something about reading the info tab for upcoming changes to the guild.

(Including the implementation of a loot probation period for new players to stop the revolving door of warlocks stealing my gear. I imagine it’s for more than just the warlocks, but I like to think this new rule is specifically to help me.)

Immediately, new message of the day:

Due to lack of player interest, raiding will be on hold until June 4th. Pugging is fine.

Well, fuck.

Looks like only one other person managed to log on in time for raid.

Total of 5.

I’m not really sure how I feel about it or what I’m going to do.

If I could cap VP for one more week I could buy my belt and that would be the last of my (reasonably attainable) BiS VP purchases.

I could continue to run LFR and be denied gear.

Maybe I could do some serious farming and earn the coin to get enough haunting spirits to make my BiS crafting pieces.

Pugging sounds terrible, but I might give it a shot.

If I’m even in the game.

I don’t see LoL tearing me away from WoW entirely, but there is a bit of a learning curve (over 100 champions to be familiar with) and a lot of reading to do. I feel like there’s a hill that I need to crest and then everything will fall together.

But without a specific raiding schedule, it’s like I don’t even know when to log on to WoW – LoL was filling the gaps in the schedule. Now there are no gaps.

Guess we’ll see what happens.

3 comments on “Didn’t see that coming

  1. zarigar says:

    Boo! I want to see how the Arioch Loot Rule plays out.


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