How does this even happen?

Remember the other day when I said that my guild was on hiatus?

No, that didn’t change.

But the week before I *gasp* offered to gear my priest up since replacing DPS would theoretically be easier than replacing a healer (and with the exception of Tir, we’ve had pretty crappy luck with recruiting healers in the first place).

I was told, no, I should stay on the mage because my damage would be difficult to replace.

Awwww, how sweet.

Then Tir logs in the other day and says he would like to switch to his priest. His 522 paladin is carrying the raid’s healing. By a lot. If the boobs on the female belf form aren’t enough to cause back issues, carrying this heal team will certainly do it.

The response from the GM/RL was no, he needed to continue carrying the heals on his paladin. Oh, and we would be further progressed if your girlfriend’s damage was higher.

This, of course, got back to me.

He said what? To a non-officer in guild chat?

Unlike most BF/GF (or BF/BF, GF/GF, pick your flavor) combo pairings in WoW, we do not come as a package deal.

If you have a problem with me, you bring it to me directly, it does not get run through a third party for me to find out about after the fact. Especially not after telling me that my damage is just fine.

(Yes, I have already told the GM he was out of line for this.)

I logged in and spoke with him directly.

I know my damage is low. I’m a little burned out of bringing 100% 3 nights a week when we have people who can’t move out of any bad and we have repetitive wipes to completely avoidable mechanics.

(There’s also the frustration of losing any gear I try to roll on to a parade of warlocks that we gear for their next guild. Or for school. That one warlock is really decked out, sitting in Org, while his player is back in school…)

But like the GM said he was looking for: I’m there every night, I’m putting my golden lotus in the bank, I’m not standing in quicksand, I’m DPSing Loas without having to be handheld, I’m apparently the only mage we know that can remove the Hex of Confusion on Horridon…

My damage is low, but I’m a pretty sound player when it comes to mechanics. Bad stuff hurts and I have a long history of playing with healers (Tel!!!) that just don’t see mages’ life bars.

I was hurt. He says he didn’t mean for it to sound like I was at fault, that everyone needs to step up their game, including himself. Funny, he never mentions his GF needing to step up her game and she’s not so on the ball with that whole active mitigation thing as a tank…

But I decided to work on my priest again, just in case. If push comes to shove and I leave the guild, I may be forced to heal again.

So off to the MSV LFR with my 470 ilevel.

The drops were good for a while, my ilevel was steadily creeping up.

(And healing after not playing a WoW healer for a couple months but playing support in LoL… FLAIL AT ALL THE BUTTONS!!!!)

And then it happened.



Boots? You mean like that pair you just got off the last boss? But the haste is so much tastier. Never mind it’s the same ilevel.


What do you mean you didn’t want a second helm?

Frantically, I scoured the AH after I finished ToES.


Made PvP legs.


That was the best I could do on a Monday night.

I might have gotten further, but a strange thing happened while I was on my priest.

I left Selwyn in my previous guild.

You may remember that the weekend raiding schedule was just getting to be too difficult to accommodate, we weren’t killing things and then had no time to try to pug it, the GL and RL were going through a messy breakup… guild full of nice people (when they logged on) but it was a category 5 shitstorm heading straight for the coast of my calm.

Arioch left on good terms, tearful even, and I’ve kept in touch with the GM.

The BF/RL has since stepped down from leading, honestly I don’t know if he’s even still raiding, and a raid leader from a long, long time ago (possibly even a galaxy far away), from before I stepped out for Tir’s son to spend a couple months with us, returned.

And he saw me online.

Can I raid Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 server?

Funny you should ask that, my guild is currently on hiatus.

So I’m raiding with them again, and contemplating making the switch back permanently.

The raid time is a tad early, but I’ve let them know I’ll do what I can to be on time.

Part of me is excited. Part of me just wants to give up.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see which one wins.


3 comments on “How does this even happen?

  1. Telanarra says:

    Mage’s have Life bars?


  2. zarigar says:

    mages can cure curses?


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