What the hell is going on around here?


Guild goes on raiding hiatus.

Weird “this is all your fault” drama with a potential to raid with my old guild.

I filled in here and there, but the start time of 4:30 local just is too tight when I’m in meetings that run until 4:30 on those days. No hard feelings, I think they found another mage anyway. I did get Tortus and Megaera down (still no Council for me).

Now, my GM has stepped down and left his GF in charge because he doesn’t know where he’s living from day to day. (Somehow, his being homeless increases the likelihood of his children having a roof over their heads. I can’t even pretend to understand the intricacies of this guy’s life.)

We’re set to raid again this week, new raid days of Wednesday and Thusday.

But we had a brief interlude where a miracle almost happened.

We have (or had now that our MT is MIA) two tanks, a ranged DPS, and two melee DPS.

We found a guild that had three healers, and two ranged DPS.

It was like our guilds had broken down into the perfect dysfunctional units to complement each other.

We got in vent with them, seemed like a cool group of people.

Oh, did I mention it was our vent? And did I mention that vent was owned by one of our melee DPS? Did I mention this guy apparently wasn’t cool with the thought of a merger and threw a tantrum in the form of kicking everyone out of vent for the evening?


Even if he didn’t partake in the merger, finding one replacement DPS (and he frequently missed raids due to work and his GF would play his character) would be much easier than filling half a raid.

So we moved in to their vent for the evening and were all set to raid with them the next Tuesday…

Next time I log in, I’ve been removed from the raid.

Everyone from my guild has.

No communication, no explanation, no nothing.

At this point, I don’t even care enough to pursue it.

Besides, I have something to distract myself with – 5.4!

Was only able to run through it the first week on Arioch.

Second week, did the weekly on Arioch and got Selwyn caught up,

And realized, hold the fucking phone.

This quest awards 200 valor.

If I’m capped, that would be 300 valor for a character.

I busted ass to cap Arioch by the weekend and now have 4 Darkspear Revolutionaries, 2 of which got 300 VP for the weekly. And I’ll try to do that every week.

Of course, the quest reward during the chain involved a pair of 502 boots. This was an upgrade for all my characters and a pretty big carrot for flying all the way out to Neverest and dealing with a buggy escort mission (do NOT get too far ahead of the old guy).

In my mad dash to cap Arioch and try for some gear drops, I ran LFR.

I did get the OH to go with the MH I picked up what must have been forever ago. I got a pair of gloves that I’m not sure I can use, and I got another pair of 502 boots.

I *just* enchanted those fuckers.

So I need to reforge my hit and crap to use my new MH/OH instead of my Sha-touched weapon. And maybe use the new 502 boots. I might not just out of spite.

And if we don’t raid on Wednesday, it won’t really matter.

Being down a tank and 5 more people… odds are not looking in our favor.

One comment on “What the hell is going on around here?

  1. slice213 says:

    ouch~ Sorry to hear about the raid :(

    But that is a lot of resource farming! I go crazy enough just to do it on one toon~


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