Can your cat do this?

I’m away from the computer today (boooo!) but I figured I would leave you with the incredible skillz of my kitty.

This is our cat, Osiris, demonstrating his can-opening technique.

And making a mess.

It’s a good thing he’s sweet and cute!

In WoW news, we did not raid last night.

I did get my new gear reforged and gemmed and enchanted and equipped – and my ilevel went DOWN.


In order to keep my T14 4-piece, I had to drop the Jin’rokh normal shoulders in favor of the T14 LFR version and swapped my T14 gloves for the new T15… the 496 staff being replaced by the MH/OH 502 combo didn’t seem to make a dent… and the boots were a wash (both 502).

Oh well.

Now to wait for the weekend and LFR to see what happens with the DPS. I hope it doesn’t go down as well… everything should be itemized a tad better in this set up.

6 comments on “Can your cat do this?

  1. wolfgangcat says:

    HAHAHA! Please don’t let my cat see this and give him ideas… :D


  2. repgrind says:

    My cat chewed through the cord of my cell phone charger a couple of nights ago. That caused some moments of panic when the phone was dead and I realized that my authenticator is on it.

    I think he’d be in even bigger trouble though if he destroyed my Mtn Dew.


    • wolfgangcat says:

      I found suspicious teeth marks on my phone charger too although I caught him before he totally destroyed it. Of course, cords – like everything else – look amazingly similar to Cat Toys.


  3. Telanarra says:

    Maybe he just needed a drink after the latest wrestling match with his little brother!


  4. Zeirah says:

    That is one talented kitty :)


  5. […] you may recall, the last time I posted, it was about a great video of one of our cats doing something […]


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