I’ve been on the run

As you may recall, the last time I posted, it was about a great video of one of our cats doing something funny.

And it turned our lives upside down.

OK, not really.

But it was a fun little roller coaster to ride.

Osiris has since been turned into a GIF and plastered all over the interwebz.

The counter for the video is now over 621k views.

That’s not including the many thousand likes/reblogs on tumblr and the shares from the other sites hosting him.

To put it in to perspective, this blog has been open for about 4.5 years. I have approximately 200k views over that span.

The cat is more famous than me.

But the BEST part of this whole experience has been the conspiracy video.

Seriously, I get linked to a boa constrictor in Costa Rica and Syrian Freedom Fighters.

Thus, you can see why I’ve been on the run, that’s a lot of action for me to get involved in.

Except it wasn’t me (according to the gentleman in the stylish tinfoil hat), Pepsi actually bought out my account and was using it to host their viral marketing (and paid 50k people to view the video to start the ball rolling).

Just to quash any fears, yes, that is still my YouTube account. And no, there probably won’t be a flood of new videos being released to my new horde of subscribers.

Even better than the conspiracy video is my cousin’s participation in perpetuating the tinfoil hat-man’s world of corporate fear.

He talked about the mess on a podcast he was guesting on, The Pillagecast, and in episode 85 they cover my story (roughly from the 35 minute mark to 44 minutes).

“There was a time you had to go to a mental ward to get this level of insanity.”

“Now it’s free.”

From that discussion, he leaves a comment on the conspiracy video’s page.

zzii comment

Of course, it’s been marked as spam. but another friend of his has also gotten in on the fun.

Rabbit Hole

I find this to be refreshing.

It’s nice to know that amid the sea of hate and stupidity that is the most visible portion of the internet, there’s still some good, old-fashioned crazy.

On a side note, Tir did send an email to Pepsi to see if we could be used as part of an ad campaign. I certainly wouldn’t turn down a free case of soda!

But their response will not be netting me any freebies:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us at Pepsi-Cola. It’s always great hearing from a fan of our products.

Unfortunately, because of contractual agreements with our advertising agency, we’re prohibited from accepting any marketing ideas from outside the company. But please know we’re flattered that you thought to contact us on this important part of our business.

Thanks again for contacting us. We appreciate your friendship and support.

Oh well.

One comment on “I’ve been on the run

  1. wolfgangcat says:

    OMG! Where’s my tinfoil hat?

    That guy is an idiot – doesn’t he know cats are hard-wired to be internet celebrities? The product is merely a “prop” to showcase cat greatness.

    Pepsi should be throwing money at your cat for the privilege of having it’s product chosen!

    As for the idiot…well, that just confirms my belief that a psychological test should be administered before some people are allowed access to the internet lol.


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