Summer Fashion

Introducing the “Tribal Mage”!


I’ve had this chest laying about since Outland – far before any mention of transmog. I came across a few pieces of gear that I thought were just unusual or awesome and tucked them away to look at. (I may be a WoW hoarder.)

The rest of it is Northrend stuff I think. I was pretty fond of how gritty the gear looked in that expansion. My only issue was the timing of the sleeveless robes – we spend the expac in the snow and I get short sleeves! (For the record, I was very fond of some of the sleeveless robes.)

Tribal Flex

I’m not 100% happy with the pants, but overall I’m pretty happy with the look.

Whatcha all think?

8 comments on “Summer Fashion

  1. Wait, is that cloth? I like the look!


  2. repgrind says:

    So are you going to tell us what that chest is called?


  3. Better than T9, at least. :P


  4. zarigar says:

    he looks like he has a secret room at home with a swing and a bunch of leather toys


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