Status Update

Not dead.

But maybe soon if life keeps up being life and asplodey and such.

Work got really ugly. Basically the deadline in front of me got pushed back by a month and a half but my deadline didn’t move.  My portion was originally 2 months. Hi, how’s 2 weeks sound?

But the deadline is today and at the time of this writing (in the past, blow your mind) it looks good. They found more work yesterday, but since it wasn’t part of the original requirement, I’ve told them where in the pile they can shove it.

Now, I do have another deadline looming, but unfortunately, I don’t know WHEN it is. That’s right, I’m trudging towards the future praying I get the job done in time before the hidden timer runs out.

And I start school next month. Again. For the third time. That’s the charm, right?

My birthday is next week. Go me.

Raiding sucks. But with work being so nasty I’ve opted out this whole week. Was very refreshing. Unfortunately, I didn’t log in and think I lost some stuff from my mailbox to the nether.

Technically, I don’t think it’s the raiding that sucks, I’m not happy with how guild leadership is being weird. Blarg.

Anyway, the whole reason for this ramble was to tell you that I’m a terrible person.

You know Tyler F. M. Edwards?

Of course you do. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you’ve probably read some of his comments. And then hopefully gone over to his blog, Superior Realities, to read more of his stuff.

Well he’s also an author of much more than just blogs and various articles – he’s the real deal with a published book and everything. (Books, plural, actually.)

A copy of his first book, Rage of the Old Gods, is sitting on my desk (in the tablet, but the tablet’s on the desk so it counts) and it has been sitting there for almost 2 months because I am horrible and haven’t had time to read it.

But the deadline will have passed this evening. I know not what my future holds, but my hands will be holding that book.

Go here to see a link of all the places you can purchase book 1 and 2 of the series. (Why do I always start a series? Why can’t I like authors that put out one book and that’s it?)

Personally, I obtained mine through Smashwords (free, because he’s awesome like that and I said I would write a review, hence why I’m terrible for not reading the book yet), and it was probably the easiest site to get an ebook through. Seriously. Had the book in my choice of format in the blink of an eye.

So you can either wait for my review of the book Rage of the Old Gods or you can go get it yourself right now. I’ve read snippets already, I think you should just go ahead and get it.

So watch this space, I’ve got a review to write!

One comment on “Status Update

  1. wolfgangcat says:

    I hear ya about work and deadlines lol. New database to set up, transfer data, customize, testing and get running then train everyone to use before the semester starts – no pressure…right?

    I got my copy of Tyler’s book on my iPhone so I’d just lock myself in my office over lunch and lose myself in the story. It’s a wonderful book and a great work “de-stresser.”

    Happy upcoming Birthday!


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