This is the “Fix It” Expansion

OK, day 2 of BlizzCon 2013 is officially over.

And the video quality was even worse today somehow.

Even pulling up yesterday’s archived stuff was unwatchable.

I suffered through the panel that dealt with itemization and got some good stuff out of that. And coupled with yesterday’s announcements about improvements to the inventory system, I have dubbed this the “Fix It” expansion. Screw the space goats.

Normally, I’m anxiously awaiting an expansion while at the same time feverishly trying to somehow prepare for it. This time, I just want the damn thing NOW because it addresses so many quality of life issues.

Back in the day of Wrath, and even Cata, I used a tool called RAWR. And RAWR rocked. It was Ask Mr. Robot… but different. There was a lot more control and a lot of features that you didn’t have to pay for. It could also be downloaded and you could store all sorts of character files and loot wish lists. It was awesome.

But there has been a slow trickle of the theorycrafters (particularly in the mage community) to the twisted nether. I imagine most finally got bored and moved on.

That left me with Ask Mr. Robot, which is useful, but I really missed the ability to lock down a loot list to “I can reliably kill these bosses, I have realistic expectations of getting to these bosses, and fuck these bosses I won’t kill them for months so please don’t include them in my loot list rankings.”

And I missed my spreadsheets.

Reforging also really fucked over my mental game. In Wrath, I could pick up a piece and pretty quickly make a determination if it was an improvement, even without consulting my spreadsheet.

But with reforging, it became “Well, I’ll take it if no one else wants it. I’m afraid if I take the piece I won’t be able to hit cap and my haste is going to do something funky and I *just* reforged everything right before this raid.”

So much to my amazement, Blizzard has fixed my gear issues.

  • No more hit and expertise.
  • No more dodge and parry. (OK, doesn’t really affect me, but I gather it’s important to you tanky types out there.)
  • No more reforging.
  • Fewer items will be able to be enchanted, but there will be greater variety in the enchant selections.
  • Gems will be fewer and more powerful.
  • No meta gems and no gem set bonuses.
  • Gems and new random tertiary stats are actual BONUSES, much like Thunderforged, and do not count against an item’s budget. Tert stats could be things like increased movement speed or no durability loss.
  • No more Int plate. Or leather. Or cloth. Or mail. As in, when you equip a piece of armor, the primary stat matches what your spec needs. Plate is plate and it changes to suit your class/spec. (This will apply to the major armor pieces – jewelry, trinkets, cloaks, and weapons will continue to be more specific.)
  • This means only one tier set per class.
  • This means a fuckton less gear in bags.
  • The Item Squish is coming so my little brain can process the smaller numbers.

All of these things are things I want to see in game now – along with the Adventure Guide because I’m somewhere on Wrathion’s stupid legendary questline and I have completely forgotten what the hell I’m doing.

I can wait for a garrison. I can wait for Draenor. I can wait for the new raid lockout/structure craziness.

But the fixes to inventory and gear I want NOW.

How did you all take the gear changes?

7 comments on “This is the “Fix It” Expansion

  1. “This time, I just want the damn thing NOW because it addresses so many quality of life issues.”
    Yes, yes, yes!
    I LOVE the changes, it brings back aspects of the game I miss, but also adds something new and fresh by removing stuff as well.. I can’t actually name anything I am not happy with at this moment! :P


  2. I’m more into lore and content than nitty-gritty game mechanics, so none of these things are “OMG so exciting” to me, but I think they’re all very positive. Hit and expertise, especially, are long overdue to die a horrible, painful death.

    The tertiary stats sound really fun, too. This might be the first time since Wrath I’m actually excited to get new gear.

    I’m really hoping the stat-swapping applies to weapons. I’m so tired of looking longingly at all those awesome strength swords on loot tables and knowing my rogue will be stuck with daggers and maces.


    • Leit says:

      Weapons were specifically noted as not shifting in stats, which is a damn shame. Healing with a massive 2-hander on a pally would be wintimes.

      I’m happy with getting rid of hit and exp… provided they don’t just give us a flat miss chance now and claim “unpredictability makes it more exciting”. They really do have an almost fetishistic adoration for RNG, which is hilarious considering how bad they are at it.


  3. WTFspaghetti says:

    Great read. I especially like the fuckton less gear in bags part.


  4. Berry says:

    I dunno, I’m going to miss the flexibility and customization. Right now I can go for my 13k haste cap as a resto druid while wearing almost all mastery gear (because haste gear refuses to drop). With no reforging and fewer gem slots, my only choice would be a mastery build and pray that the correct loot drops. I rather enjoy fiddling with my gear and min maxing it, but I know I’m the odd man out.

    For the rest? Part of me loves the idea of gear that changes with my spec. Part of me HATES that I’ll have to compete with the bear tank for drops. Getting rid of hit and expertise mostly affects the best and the worst players – the worst don’t know what it is and the best know when to hard cap or when to ignore it entirely. Well, and it makes my life simpler, since my boom gear is often my resto gear in disguise, so I am normally well over hit until the end of a tier.

    Tbh, the 20 man mythic raiding change has pissed me off to the point that I find it hard to be happy over changes that normally would please me.


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