As Requested

Curious minds have been badgering politely requesting that I post some pictures of my new kitty version of Arioch.

Yeah, I’m not too terribly clever on naming conventions.

The game is gorgeous but for some reason I don’t take very many screen shots…

I am required by Square Enix to include the following: FINAL FANTASY XIV © 2010-2014 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

And now that the formalities are out of the way, on to the pretties!

This is a shot from the character creation screen, this is the starting gear for the Miqo’te males. I’m not sure if the sub-races have different gear, but I’m a Keeper of the Moon.

Starting Gear

Unfortunately, the starting gear is replaced pretty quickly with items that aren’t nearly as awesome. It’s hard to see in the screenshots I have, but the level of detail on the armor and clothing is incredible. Every piece is decorated in some fashion and you can even see stitched seams.

Here’s another character creation shot, the whole page.

Head Shot

I left the file at full size so you can open it up and really see what’s going on.

During character creation you can adjust all the items on the left side – eye color, hair style, height, tail type (for the kitties), etc. You can choose to have each eye a different color and add highlights to your hair. You can change the environment you view the character in and the time of day. You can change their voice and test out what different emotes sound like. And you can zoom in. In short, everything I lamented the WoW character creation lacked.

And here’s a shot of my kitty learning the Weaver skills.

Crafting Buff

Yes, he’s in his underwear, called “small clothes” in the game. Each class/job/profession/whatever has different clothes associated with it. All the crafting disciplines share clothes, the gathering disciplines have another set, and then there’s all the battle gear.

But when you pick up your first crafting skill (or gathering), you have no appropriate clothes to wear. So the guild areas are full of scantily clad characters learning the basics before they earn some clothes.

The crafting animations are very developed and unique to each profession, with each profession having multiple animations based on the tools you are using. If you are working on culinarian (cooking), your character has animations for chopping food and for cooking with a skillet. There’s even an animation for tasting the food in the skillet. I’m sure as I level up, I’ll get more tools and even more animations.

Outside of crafting, the character animations are very expressive. I caught this one during a mini cinematic, I think he was expressing surprise at something.


If you look closely, you can see he has slightly pointy fangs, whereas the other Miqo’te sub-race, Keepers of the Sun, do not. But the Sun kitties get traditional cat eyes with the vertical pupil.

I don’t have any real good closeups of my entire armor set, but the addition of dye means I will never have to be a technicolor nightmare unless I choose to be. So far, I’ve stuck with a dark midnight blue dye that half my gear randomly came as – I just had to dye the boots and gloves.

Here’s a shot of Arioch talking to an NPC at what amounts to a beach resort for a wealthy questgiver. Enjoy the dancing girls.

Dancing Girls

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  1. zarigar says:

    great pussy shots!


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