Banner – Cruorem

First up is Cruorem!

Sorry to disappoint if you were hoping for a new Arioch banner. The font I picked for Arioch and the Clearcasting banner will remain the same, it’s Arioch’s casual handwriting, after all. That font captures his bold personality and flair for embellishment.

After spending a day poring over a couple thousand fonts until I thought my eyes would bleed, I have selected new fonts to represent each of my WoW characters represented in the banner rotation as well as a font for kitty Arioch.

Cruorem is the youngest of the brothers. He doesn’t have much affinity for magic and left home when young to pursue a career as a mercenary. He received much of the same basic education that the rest of the family received but hasn’t found much use to apply the finer points of penmanship. As a result, his handwriting has deteriorated somewhat. He starts with a strong stroke but things go downhill from there with the letters wandering up and down. When he writes, it is hasty and an inconvenience to him.

Here is the original banner:


And here is the new banner:

Cruorem Banner New

I’ll be adding the new banner to the rotation shortly.

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