Banner – Arioch

I can hear you now, “But you said you weren’t doing a new banner for Arioch!”

And you’re right, I’m not.

But there is the matter of kitty Arioch that needs a banner.

In FFXIV, your character has both a first and last name. Since Tir already had a kitty lady character I kept my normal Arioch and added the last name of his character. So any references to “kitty Arioch” or “Arioch Jawantir” will be references to my FFXIV Arioch.

This banner was more difficult to get together than the others.

FFXIV does not have a model viewer like WoW. But the animations and emotes are far more expressive.

So we have a situation with beautiful fluid movements that we don’t have the benefit of an out-of-game capture system to slow down and snag animations frame by frame.

Spamming emotes and the print screen button in the game was going to be a huge investment of time and luck. So I opted to pop the emotes while using FRAPS to capture a movie clip. From there, I would be able to pause the movie at my leisure and grab a snapshot again with FRAPS.

And then came the issue that the only movie viewing or editing software I have that FRAPS would recognize is the Windows Media Center. There are no readily apparent controls for adjusting playback speed so I did end up spamming buttons, but only the play and pause.

Once I had the appropriate pose showing off his joyful smile, then came the task of cleaning up the background. In a model viewer, I would have been able to set the “camera” angle to whatever I wanted, snapped a shot on a green screen, and then dropped a screen shot background in behind the character. With no model viewer, I was limited to the camera angles provided in the game, which led to a really boring backdrop – I wanted to capture the moon!

So I cleaned off the background and snapped some first-person shots of the night sky and surrounding skyline in the Ul’dah region. Taking the mountains and trees from one snapshot and the moon and starry sky from another, I pieced together a suitable background.

After dropping kitty Arioch on his new background, it was a matter of getting his name (and the required Square Enix legalese) on top and voila! We have a banner!

Arioch Jawantir Banner

Day and night move pretty rapidly in this world. I would love to get something from a coastal area at sunset, but you’ve got to take pictures fast!



One comment on “Banner – Arioch

  1. Jaedia says:

    Awww, loving kitty Arioch. <3


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