Friday Round Up

OK, no real Heroes of the Storm post today, but I started taking a TON of screen shots last night so I can dissect the contents of each map for you.

(At least, how they look now. All of this is subject to change. Alpha and all that, yada yada yada.)

But here’s a real quick look at what we talked about this week:


Introduction to HoS


1. Currently no report or mute feature.
2. Quests in VS mode only.
3. No reporting or removing AFK players.
4. Gold acquisition is slow.
5. Blizzard doesn’t know what they are doing. (Or at least isn’t telling us.)
6. Pricing is steep.


A lot more rambling.


7. Movement is clunky.
8. There is no party frame.
9. Shrinky-dink minimap.
10. Chat is primitive.
11. Difficult to review hero abilities.



1. Pre-game character selection.
2. Try before you buy.
3. Map objectives.


12. The AI for group construction eats paste.
13. The Try mode could be a lot more useful.
14. Not every role represented each week in the rotation.

Next week I’ll hopefully have some map-tacular posts ready. There are four maps and RNG is a fickle mistress at times (and I forget to take screen shots because FUN), but we’ll see what we get.



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