Holiday Recap

Since it’s a holiday over here and a large portion of my readership seems to sneak a peek over here while at work… I’m not expecting a lot of peeps to check in today.

So here’s a recap of my success with Love is in the Air.

My spreadsheet proved to be invaluable in calculating who had to do what how many times but it still came down to the wire. And my ability to self-port my alts around was also pretty handy once I got the process streamlined.

Yesterday was a friend’s birthday and we got suckered in to helping her move.

No problem, I’ll still be home in plenty of time to run the dailies and get my flamingos. Continue reading


Reminder: To Avoid Headaches

Read the fucking quest text.

(Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day! Or not, depending on your current relationship status.. Oh dear, this is a complicated holiday. Have a nice day! There, nothing wrong with that.)

As you’re probably aware, I’ve been running the hell out of this Love is in the Air event.

Running it on a total of 5 characters poses a bit of a logistics problem. It wouldn’t if they were all mages, but Arioch has enough trouble with Mirror Images, I don’t need a character selection screen full of them.

Basically, each character (varying in levels from 15 to 85) has to visit each city, trek to some random spot to massacre a few Crown employees and destroy company property, and then queue for the holiday boss (if high enough level).

I tried running each toon independently but it was taking forever. One can port, one is on a fast flier, one is on a slow flier, and the other two are on foot.

I decided to make use of my second account (the one my mom plays) to get my own toons in a party and play the “can you log fast enough to make use of a portal cast by your own toon before it disappears” game. Continue reading

Farming for Fashion

In case you’ve missed it somehow, all of Azeroth is atwitter with the Love is in the Air event. Thankfully, I’ve taken care of the achievements in previous years on Arioch and even somehow/somewhen did the initial quests on Selwyn. Last year I was even so lucky as to get the oozleing pet on Arioch to go with the Peddlefeet from the prior year.

The event has received a massive overhaul and removed MUCH of the RNG. Yes, the Love Rocket mount, the oozeling pet, and the gas mask are still random drops. (Rumor has it that the mask cannot be used for transmog. Confirm/deny?) But there are several items that can now be purchased with the tokens.

And like all the other holiday events, we are now able to run it once a day, queuing up from a city or your LFG window, get your once-a-day goodie bag (appropriately a heart-shaped box), and never again have to deal with the pain of running it as often as you could, begging people to go that didn’t care about the drops so you could use their “summon.”

I’m running the event on both Arioch and Selwyn to double my chances of getting the mount drop.

“But you don’t care about mounts on Selwyn, why the hell would you do this?” Continue reading

What’s love got to do with it?

The Love is in the Air event is almost over, and I find myself in an odd spot with it.

Arioch completed the event last year, the only thing he had to worry about this year was the new boss in SFK. He even got the pet, the Toxic Wasteling. Cute little bugger, it’s a green slime that leaps onto and consumes critters. And it does it very often, not like standing around waiting for Lil’ KT to frostbolt something.

There’s a mount drop with a 1-2% chance… and normally I am all about getting the mounts… and I do want that mount… but there doesn’t seem to be the giddy rush of wanting to go in every day to try for it like there was with the Brewfest mounts. Continue reading

Oops, lol

Short post since half of you are on vacation and people only seem to read blogs from work. =P

So I’m on my Ally DK, just zoned in to Halls of Stone for my daily random.

Someone asks if we can do the rock boss first.

Oh cool, a group that’s going to do the whole instance. I don’t think I’ve been here on this toon yet.

The tank appears to know the fights, just has no clue where to go to get to them.

We clear trash up through the hall where the rock guy is and there’s an elder. Continue reading

Pilgrim’s Bounty: The Guide

Sorry about that.

I’ve been staying up far too late in the nights past.

Anyhooo, on with the show!

As with every holiday, I produce my own guide even though everyone under the sun has also written one.

This is a completely optional holiday. For those of you after the violet proto-drake, this is NOT part of the meta.

Rewards are the title of Pilgrim and an awesome turkey pet. (Summon, build campfire, laugh – it’s hilarious.) Continue reading