An offer I couldn’t refuse

It must be a sign that *someone* thinks I have decent traffic to this site when this sort of thing happens.

I found a generous offer in my email box last week.

It reads:

Hi ,

I created a Teaching Degree site called [].
It serves as a great resource for new students looking to find all the
info they need on getting a Master’s Degree in Teaching. Continue reading


5% is the end of the World (of Warcraft)

Ah nerfs. Maybe that should look something like this:

“@)(*$)@*_@!_@# NERFS!!!! WHY U NERF MY CONTENT BLIZZ?!?! YOU SUCK!”

Or at least that is what most of the community thinks. Personally, all I have to say is this;

“Welcome to the end content patch of World of Warcraft.”

I want to preface the opinions that are about to be expressed in this post. These are not the opinions of Arioch of Clearcasting. These are the opinions of Tirael the DK of 1337BOHICA (which I lost my password to, because I had to shut down an email account linked to it.) Some of you know who I am, some of you don’t. I will give you some background on me, since some of the new readers out there don’t know who I am. Continue reading