Status Update

Not dead.

But maybe soon if life keeps up being life and asplodey and such.

Work got really ugly. Basically the deadline in front of me got pushed back by a month and a half but my deadline didn’t move. ┬áMy portion was originally 2 months. Hi, how’s 2 weeks sound?

But the deadline is today and at the time of this writing (in the past, blow your mind) it looks good. They found more work yesterday, but since it wasn’t part of the original requirement, I’ve told them where in the pile they can shove it. Continue reading

I just don’t see it

Supposedly WoW lost 1.3 million subscribers.

As I’m sitting here, in queue — again — I just don’t see it.

(Yes, I know most of the losses were in China, but seriously? Couldn’t we have lost a couple hundred off my server? Just not the ones selling cool shit in the AH.)

What I do see is a very busy future for me.

I know, I know, I already don’t post here often enough.

But this time it’s going to be for a good reason!

I’m going back to college. Continue reading


Laughing out loud… at myself.

Once upon a time, I played the original StarCraft.

Like, I played it a LOT. On dial up connection. Entire days and weekends lost to scampering zerg decimating supply depots. Swearing at Goliaths for being completely incompetent at navigating a fucking 5 foot ramp. My life for Aiur.

I loved playing StarCraft.

I hated the player versus player aspect.

It didn’t start that way.

Finished with the campaign, I eagerly created my battlenet account and moved in to what I felt was the natural evolution of the game – I crushed the computer, now it’s time to play with the big kids.

Except they weren’t big kids. They were whiny, immature, sexually frustrated tweens with only the weakest grasp of the English language or common decency.

StarCraft killed my taste for PvP. Even in WoW, I’ve dabbled with it but it never really clicked as something I could enjoy for the long haul.

So as you can imagine, any game that focuses entirely on PvP has just slipped completely by my radar. Yep, I acknowledge that the game exists and other people might like it, but it wasn’t my cup of tea.

And then insanity hits. Continue reading

I never learn

(Warning: Tangents and whining and very little WoW abound here.)

So the other week I posted about how bitching and whining makes the world better.

At least, it makes my world better. YMMV.

All was well in the world that week until Friday.


“Yeah, we need you to come in to the corporate office on Wednesday. We’ll be taking the train in.”



My hair had shifted from a bright purple to a muddy pink. And my roots! The horror!

Immediately call my hair dresser.

Thankfully, she’s a friend of the family and can squeeze me in on Saturday morning.

Important things taken care of, I’m ready to head into San Francisco.

Oh, except I have to lug my laptop in with me. Continue reading

Spew of Consiousness

Beware! Total randomness in the form of observations, ideas, and questions.

Now that I’m done with my novel… (OK, not done, but close enough for now), I can write more over here!

In no particular order:

32. IDEA! Holy cow this is a good one… How about… instead of giving us grocery bags or whatever the hell type of bag Blizz was going to give us to store our piles of veggies, how about we get to use that damned cart Fish cleared off our plot? Once you hit that level of rep and you unlock the cart quest, it turns into a cooking supply bank.

19. Not only has someone made off with my chickens, but they NERFED my Red Cricket! I wish I had a screen shot to compare the sizes (silly me thought that the cricket wasn’t going anywhere), but the cricket has gone from gargantuan to “where the hell did my cricket go?” The only consolation in its size reduction is that it now has to hop insanely quickly to keep up with me. But still, why nerf the cricket?

57. Speaking of size nerfs, my DKs are still itty-bitty on the character selection screen. Continue reading

Hot Foot

This post has nothing to do with the spell of the same name cast by Ace Longpaw.

No, my readers, this is a REAL LIFE post.

Because all the whining about dailies has pretty much already been done by people far more eloquent than me.

Tir is under the weather.

He asked for pizza rolls.

Why anyone would want to eat these things at all, let alone while sick, is beyond me.

(For those that don’t know, a pizza roll is an attempt to convert pizza into bite-sized pizza pockets. These frozen little treats are comprised of a┬áravioli-type crust stuffed with cheese, sauce, and whatever is included in “combination” toppings.)

Making the pizza rolls isn’t difficult. Continue reading

My bad

I missed a raid.

For what is I believe the first time since I started raiding (years ago now), I completely forgot all about the raid.

I’ve missed raids with warning, letting people know in advance that I would not be available.

But this one was just *poof* gone.

Work has been hectic and playing parent has eaten up a lot of my time (brain cells, too, I think).

So Friday morning I wake up and go to work. (That means crawl to the dining room where my work computer is set up.)

I remember that it’s raid day.

I remember that it’s a 3-day weekend. Continue reading