I’ve been tagged!

Devious little gnome…

The name of the game is Sixth.

  • The rules are as follows:
  • Go in to your image folder.
  • Open the sixth sub-folder and select the sixth image.
  • Profit! Publish.
  • Challenge six more saps and link to them.

This one last went around about 3 years ago by Gnome reckoning, and I don’t recall being sucked in to it before.

Well, there’s a first time for everything!

*trundles off to screenshot folder* Continue reading

And next up

we have Kaayn!

So with Cruorem’s banner I was just playing and went, “hey, I should slap a character on this!”

With Kaayn’s I had a little more forethought and planning involved.

He’s currently specced unholy.

I have a frost spec that I’m even worse at, if that’s possible.

I *really*miss the days of blood DPS.

But since those personal glory days of blood are gone, I wanted to showcase his unholy side with a dash of the frosty. Continue reading

Might be on to something

So the other day I uploaded a post here but I accidentally published it immediately.

Normally, I write them the day or two before and schedule the post to go out the next available morning, bright and early.


But I discovered something about directly publishing a post instead of scheduling one:

WordPress attempts to suggest tags for the post. Continue reading

The Banner Saga

No, nothing to do with Bruce Banner, rather the saga of clearcasting’s banner.

Once upon a time, I made a banner for this blog.

I don’t even remember what the first banner looked like. I think it just said “clearcasting” with the stock photo of a moon that came with the blog theme I had picked.

Inspired by watching all the cool machinima out there, I learned a bit about the WoW Model Viewer and went to work.

Wrath was in full swing.

Arioch was my undisputed main.

I was enamored with T9.

The banner of Arioch performing his idle “looking around” animation was born. Continue reading

It’s going on my body

Crank up the way back machine!

Today, boys and girls, we’re going back in time to May 12th, 2009.

For those of you that don’t have a way back machine, I’ll provide a handy link here:


That was nearly 3 years ago, where does the time go?

Anyway, the gist of the post is that I had created a T-shirt design and I was looking for ideas on how to get it made with a minimum of fuss and cost. Continue reading

Not quite WoW related

No, I’m not jumping ship to go swing a lightsaber.

But I’m toying with an idea.

Oh, and I have a D3 update, let’s do that first.

So there is expected to be a D3 beta character wipe next week. I’ll be starting over from scratch so this time I can take some notes and whatnot on the play experience to pass on to you guys.

Oh, look a squirrel!

And back to my idea… Continue reading

Maybe this should be my vent intro

Ran a FL 10 with my new guild. It was an oddball assemblage of some guildies, a guy that the raid leader knew, and an additional pug or 3.

The guy that the raid leader knew quickly turned in to the new raid leader. Well mannered, unfailing polite, and very patient. (Which was very good as several people had not been in FL before, were new to raiding, and someone thought it was a good idea to attempt heroics with this set up.) He mentioned nearly 20 years in the military so I’m going to assume early 40s or close thereabouts.

The run was eventually ended when we lost a fire mage doing 13k on Rhyolith. (His 4% extra hit, missing gems, nonexistent enchants (except for the hit enchant!), and zero knowledge of the encounters might have had something to do with his performance.) He stepped out on his own accord after stating he was afraid he was bringing us down. Continue reading

How much…

For that mage in the window?

The one with the fox pony tail?

That’s right, Arioch is looking for a new home.

He’s housebroken, doesn’t bite (much), is arcane spec, and just wants his pointy elf ears back.

Here’s what I offer:

The toon is a raiding mage, arcane spec, downed 7/8 in 10-man DS. If you want to see specifics on gear or achievements: Aríoch.

Also with the mage comes an ALT priest, 8/8 in 25-man DS: Selwynne. (HEAVY emphasis on ALT. Seriously.) [UPDATE: now 1/8 Heroic 25]

Together, they represent maxed tailoring, enchanting, alchemy, and jewel crafting. Continue reading

Happy 2012!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year celebration.

Just dropping a line to assure people that I am, in fact, still alive.

So what do I plan to do this year? (Prepare for incoming random thoughts!)

I picked up a copy of Diablo II and its expansion over the holiday. It seemed only right that I should learn something about it before doing any comprehensive write ups for the D3 beta – comparing D3 to WoW just won’t always work. I’ve played a little bit of it and will try to get some D3 posts up very soon. (Slap a TM on that “soon,” just like Blizzard.) Continue reading

Random observation – roosting

I know I said I probably wouldn’t be posting anything any time soon but I just happened to notice this…

When I was Horde, I definite places each of my characters liked to hang out in different cities.

Arioch always was in one of a couple spots, Sel had his favorites, each of them would end the night by returning “home” before logging out.

Now that I’m Alliance and pretty much just hanging out in Stormwind.

All over Stormwind.

I don’t like the streets of Stormwind. They are narrow and twisty and just not home.

I’m usually on a drake of some sort and I spend my time hopping around from rooftop to rooftop, roosting.

Maybe I’m hoping the weight of my drake is enough to crush their pretty little houses.