Spew of Consiousness

Beware! Total randomness in the form of observations, ideas, and questions.

Now that I’m done with my novel… (OK, not done, but close enough for now), I can write more over here!

In no particular order:

32. IDEA! Holy cow this is a good one… How about… instead of giving us grocery bags or whatever the hell type of bag Blizz was going to give us to store our piles of veggies, how about we get to use that damned cart Fish cleared off our plot? Once you hit that level of rep and you unlock the cart quest, it turns into a cooking supply bank.

19. Not only has someone made off with my chickens, but they NERFED my Red Cricket! I wish I had a screen shot to compare the sizes (silly me thought that the cricket wasn’t going anywhere), but the cricket has gone from gargantuan to “where the hell did my cricket go?” The only consolation in its size reduction is that it now has to hop insanely quickly to keep up with me. But still, why nerf the cricket?

57. Speaking of size nerfs, my DKs are still itty-bitty on the character selection screen. Continue reading


Achievement Unlocked: 50,000

That’s right, I finally hit 50k words in that damned NaNoWriMo thing.

With work as nasty as it was I didn’t think I was going to make it, but I made a good push over the holiday weekend. Then I go and get sick yesterday and easily put the last 2k in to get my winner status. Still have another 2-3k I think to tie in the loose ends and it needs editing. Holy fuck does it need editing.

But I enjoyed it and learned a lot in the process.

So here’s my obligatory web badge:

First a story of my stupidity, then a rant about chickens.

My guild has been slow to take a seat at the raiding table. A lot of shit went down and we were just enjoying taking some time to level our characters as the roster refilled.

Friday was a dry run, just because we had 10 people on. Things didn’t go terribly well, got Stone Guard to 60-some-odd percent. But our tank was never intended to be a tank, our hunter needed another week to gear, and the monk… well, he’s on crack. That’s the only thing I could think of to explain it. Continue reading

Quality of Life

I’ll admit that when the patch hit prior to the launch of MoP, I didn’t play much with the new talents.

I knew roughly what I wanted, picked what looked good/fun, and ran with it.

And by run with it, I mean I didn’t play my mage much before walking into panda land.

So when I left the airship and landed on foreign soil, it was with an untested mage toolkit.

The level 75 tier is where you pick up your AoE spell as a mage.

I know, no one really recommends Nether Tempest.

But I’m an arcane mage. Continue reading