I Bought the Farm

Actually, you get the farm for free!

(Still not the post about the exciting stuff, the farm is just too cool.)

If you are exalted with the Tillers and have unlocked all 16 plots, you can go up the hill to talk to Nana. She will give you a quest to talk to Yoon.

Talk to Yoon and he hands the farm over to you, walking off to talk to Nana.

When you leave and return to the farm, Yoon has been replaced by the Work Orders board. (Don’t worry, he’s just wandered down to the market proper to hang out with the other Tillers.)

Currently I have orders available for several factions and they all have a I after them so I bet eventually we get different versions of the orders. Continue reading

In a Word – Relief

Quick post because it’s late and I’m tired.


So it’s not everything that I was hoping for, but the decision to dump valor down to justice has been overturned.

Clicky here for blue words.

Additionally, it’s not looking good for a 5.2 release on 02/26/2013.

Clicky here for blue tweet.

Basically, they will give us 2 weeks notice for the end of PvP. We have not seen the announcement for the end of PvP. So no patch on the 26th, yay! Continue reading

Patch 5.2 Already?

In case you missed it: https://twitter.com/Bashiok/status/301013346717663232

I have oodles to say.

Don’t really have the “ooomph” to write any of it right now.

In brief:

Guild went in to raid on Saturday and we cleared up to Elegon.

Wiped a couple times on the sparkle dragon before calling it.

Came back in on Sunday. Continue reading