I’m a screamer

The last post was way long and I didn’t even get to put in some of the oddball stuff.

As if rabbit-filled sweets weren’t odd enough.

Looking for help on this one: Does Patchwerk have an aura or something that cancels Invisibility?

During our 90-minute fail fest, I tried using it a couple times to get in a better position to die and it would fade instantly. Quick search on the interwebz pulled up nada. Anyone got a clue here?

In the Naxx 25 run, we were standing around in Sapph’s door reviewing the strategy. Everyone run to the left, stay out of his cleave, mage is on curses, druids/shamans help with curses where you can, spread out when he takes to the air, wait for the ice blocks, yadda yadda.

There was a comment about making sure that you get behind a “real” ice block, not a “fake” mage-made ice block. I was the only mage in the group so I piped up with something to the effect of, don’t worry, I scream a lot when I fake it. Continue reading