Couple more notches on the old belt

So I’ve been on the Alliance side for a week and half or so now.

I remember where things were before Deathwing blew up Stormwind. I tried running into a doorway that used to lead into the only AH in SW.

WTF? There’s got to be a dozen AHs in SW now, why would they remove this one?

They didn’t of course, just expanded the hell out of it and moved the entrance. Nice little upgrades from standing on crates to personal podiums. Jaxon is moving up in the world, it would seem.

I was planning on this move being… almost casual.

The main raid for this guild is a 25-man raid and they were apparently overloaded on mages and healers. My best bet was to come over and just take it easy in the 10-man alt runs. Which in a way, was a nice setup for me as I prefer the 10-man raiding environment. I had an opportunity to kick back, not worry about being an officer, and just enjoy the end of the raiding season before 4.3 drops.

I did get to run a 10-man on Aríoch.

And then IT happened. Continue reading


Before we get to that…

Yes, Firelands.


It’s on fire and such.

Hope everyone said a fond farewell to their keyring.

More importantly, when we had last left off on my achievement whoring, I was at 8000 achievement points even and plotting on the next reputations to take up to Exalted. I cleaned up the few stragglers I had that were not at 999/1000 and then got down to serious business.

I dutifully returned to farming Ogres in Nagrand to collect beads and powder.

Took a quick break to run BoT and BWD.

Hit 40k on Chimaeron; not bad for someone in RP gear. Grrrrr.

Explanation: While farming in Nagrand, a Horde DK took Halaa by himself. I had taken it with a different DK a couple days before and we cleared it in about 10 minutes. The difficult part was him holding aggro off me, even after he switched to Blood. This DK seemed to be making short work of guards on his own so I didn’t stop farming to assist and he didn’t put a call out in any local channels for some company. The worst part is waiting for the flag to convert over – there’s nothing to do but sit and wait. I’m not sure if it applies here, but all the flags in HFP seem to switch faster the more people you have present. So when I hit an even number of powder for turn-ins, I flew up there to help watch the capture bar slide.

I was met with snide remarks about showing up in time to do nothing – and being in RP gear. The first, I’ll take. Yeah, I didn’t help the big bad DK annihilate Halaa. But RP gear? Since when is 4 piece (two of which had to come from tokens) and a Defender title RP gear? I have a couple blues still, but really? The part that pissed me off the most was I didn’t have my actual RP gear on me! I had left my motorcycle outfit in the bank so I would have more room for farming. It would have been perfect to just swap over to that and sit on my hog. Oh well.

Anyway, the next day I had the opportunity to get back in to Kara and grind away. I hit Exalted and got another pattern I was hoping for. Now I’m down to grinding this for the mount and last pattern drop off the Phantom Valets – of which there are like 3 in the whole ballroom and the respawn is a couple hours. This may take a while.

I headed out to Blade’s Edge to work on Ogri’la… FYI – Darkrunes have been removed from the game. So don’t even hope for one in that little goodie bag. And without the Darkrunes, I don’t think there’s any use for a Charged Crystal Focus or whatever, so just vendor the depleted ones. Bah. Stupid quests being removed and Blizz not removing the NPCs that babble about the items. I should have this one at exalted by the weekend. Oh, and screwing up on the Simon game when guild chat is being interesting will still kill you at 85. You really have to screw up, but it is possible.

Out of options for Ogri’la for the day, I headed over to Netherwing Ledge. I still had to do the last 2 flights to get my Skyshattered achievement. Silly me, I thought I was down to just the last guy. Of course not, I still had the lightning bastard before him. When I came out here in my mid 70s and started this, it was already too late to make use of riding crops, carrots, or enchants. When I got my 310% violet protodrake, his speed would drop to the standard speed. So past level 70, this quest chain was a bitch. Now, all speed enhancements apply even under the orc disguise. My god, that lightning asshole’s flight is LONG! And it’s way harder than Skyshatter’s, rather anticlimactic.

I’m taking time in between all of this to wait in a 30+ minute queue for Ahune. No pet yet, but I did get the Frost Lord’s Private Reserve. For those of you non-mages that get this, I recommend saving some for an old-school raid night. Go play with Sapph in Naxx. When he flies up, drink the booze and watch your raid wipe. I saw a video of it when the content was freshly recycled and it was hilarious. Everyone expects a mage’s ice block to be a trick, but the warrior? Who sees that coming?

I wanted to finish up Hyjal before Firelands drops so I ran out and saved the wee little animals with their wet little noses. I also got my little gold jouster and the Bounce achievement. Hint – pull out a mammoth and get on the trampoline, you’ll have a lot more wiggle room.

There's a joke here about splinters, I just know it.

Somewhere in there I also picked up Hex Mix out of ZA. (I was grinding the last few VP needed to get my tier chest and replace my RP blue. Grrrrrr.)

Out in Hyjal, I turned in the magic quest and got That’s a Lot of Turn Ins for the guild.

Once finished with Hyjal, it was back to Nagrand to kill more Ogres. Thankfully the ogres in Blade’s Edge care nothing for the wholesale slaughter of their cousins.

Last pile of powder looted and off to Halaa (which we thankfully had and I didn’t need to spend an hour soloing the damn place with 1.2 million HP guards), to get my last talbuk!

The talbuks have always been a favorite mount of mine. They are totally worth the grind, but, boy, am I glad that’s done! I’ve had the tokens in my bag since April of 2010.

Unfortunately, I did not get enough beads to make much of a dent in my Consortium rep grind. Off to run a heroic Mana Tombs and then into Netherstorm. I completed all the Consortium quests I could find but was still a bit away from exalted… and almost 20 quests away from completing all the quests in the zone. Odd.

Started an orderly search of each island and I finally found my missing quests down in Kirin’Var. I had started these chains but apparently ditched my placeholder quest out of my log at some point. If you haven’t done these quests, I recommend you do. It’s always interesting to go back now when you know more of the story and where it’s going, plus – Bessy needs more cowbell! Who doesn’t want to escort a spectral cow through town? There’s also a couple Hotel California references that made me lol.

Cows escorted and music references giggled at, completing Netherstorm got me Into the Nether and Loremaster of Outland. I still need Loremaster of Northrend… blarg.

Next day, more Ogri’la and Consortium. I wrangled some Ethereum Prison Keys from guild mates and was able to complete a Consortium quest chain from Netherstorm that ends up in Blade’s Edge. Between that and a little insignia farming out at the Heap, I am now a Chief Exalted Officer of the Consortium. And why that doesn’t come with a title is beyond me.

I’m 2 reputations away from 40 for the next achievement. I should have Ogri’la this weekend. Darkmoon Faire is the closest to Exalted, but being so stubborn. I have a couple mid-level decks to turn in this weekend and maybe if I’m really lucky I can find someone that will let me turn in a deck or 4 for them. Guardians of Hyjal is next on the list, but I need the Dragonmaw rep more for a necklace (have to replace all that RP gear, ya know). After that will be Thrallmar… oh but Firelands will have new reps to worry about as well. Bugger.

8000 and counting

After getting back from Florida with Tir, I got to spend some time just screwing around in WoW, doing things I enjoy.

The raiding schedule is supposed to pick up again this week for one last hurrah before Firelands hits on the 28th (best guess from MMO Champ) so I took the opportunity during the lull to work on some achievements I was close to earning.

Getting Timbermaw to Exalted would net me 3 achievements so it seemed like a good place to start.

I buckled down for a long afternoon of grinding and started with the southern furbolg camp in Felwood.

These guys have really gotten their shit together since the last time I was here. They’ve got little walls and fortifications now, really looks like a respectable little camp. Not bad for bears in bikinis.

22 reputation a pop, this could take a while. At least the feather turn ins will help speed it up.

Hmmm… speaking of which, I’m not getting any feathers. Maybe only the northern camp drops feathers now.

Off to the northern camp!

Nope, still too many kills without a feather drop. Something isn’t quite right here.


They reset all the quests out here with the Cataclysm.

I bet I have to go find a bear to talk to to begin earning their trust again.

Yep, the guy by the tunnel wants me to do a few new quests.

Easy reputation!

Back to the southern camp!

More easy quests for easy reputation.

(The quest to collect the honey and getting swarmed by bees was cute, I like how much more in depth the quests are now instead of randomly collecting items or kills.)

Through the tunnel and into Winterspring for more easy quests with gobs of reputation!

By the time I was done with all the new Timbermaw quests (and I possibly didn’t complete one chain as far as it could have gone), I only had to grind for about 15 minutes to have enough beads to turn in to be 999 Exalted.

But I was just shy of 8000 Achievement points and couldn’t leave it like that.

So off to Desolace to do the new Cenarion Circle quests for easy reputation!

Those quests got me well into Revered, but I still had to go to Silithus for some grinding. (There are apparently some quests in the Plaguelands, but I want to do those zones later.)

At some point I had already come to Silithus since Cata and done the Cenarion quests available there. Or something glitched. Either way, I had to grind for pages.

I got enough twilight pages to get a full 999 Exalted (it really bugs me when I don’t fill the bar and have to go back to a few to fix that now) and got my 36th exalted reputation and another achievement, bringing me to a solid 8000 points.

I have another 11 reputations at Revered.

Hopefully this weekend I can get Violet Eye done. Tir was kind enough to team up with me for a Kara clear and that almost did it. I could solo everything up to Curator but it turns out that they didn’t remove his arcane immunity and my offspec is currently “choose a talent tree to specialize in.” (I know, I’m slacking.)

After that, I’m going to go back and fill in the 4 non-Cata Exalted reps I have that aren’t all the way to 999 and then pick my next to finish.

I’m not worried about getting the Cata reputations, that will happen just as I get around to running instances or finishing questing in the new zones.

The ones I’m looking at next are:

  • Frenzyheart Tribe – just hit Revered, will take a few days, then I can switch to Oracle and play the egg-game
  • Keepers of Time – I think I have to run the Caverns of Time instances… does anyone know if the Mount Hyjal raid counts? I haven’t set foot in there yet, would be nice to get 2 birds with 1 stone
  • Ogri’la – More dailies. Yay
  • The Consortium – There’s an ogre bead turn in for these guys in Nagrand. And I need to kill ogres to get dust to get tokens to get my last Halaa mount. I see much farming in my future.
  • The Violet Eye – Should be done this weekend. After that, just need to farm for mount
  • Thrallmar – I found a couple marks of favor in my bank, between that and the guild rep bonus, this should go fast
  • Darkmoon Faire – ZOMG this is taking so long… only a few hundred more of the little decks or a dozen of the newer ones
  • Steamwheedle Cartel (Booty Bay, Everlook, Gadgetzan, Ratchet) – I haven’t done most of the quests for these cities. But I also want to try to get Bloodsail up to at least Honored for the Insane in the Membrane achievement. There is rumor that Blizz is looking at an easier way to raise Bloodsail rep without destroying Cartel rep so I will probably hold off on this collection for a while.

So Violet Eye this weekend, Darkmoon Faire as it happens… I think next I’ll bounce between Consortium and Thrallmar. Both are taking up valuable bank slots with beads and marks. But I should pick up one with dailies as well since I can’t just sit and grind that… Guess toss Ogri’la in there at the same time.

Then to work on the Honored reps… I’ll save the really nasty ones for Thanksgiving and hope we get the reputation gain buff again this year.

Heroic Ready is a Heroic Effort

I’m not talking 5-man heroics here. We’re talking heroic raids.

In the pre-Cata days, we differentiated between a normal and a heroic raid by the number of participants.

10-mans were normal.

25s had an additional twist to the encounter that made it more challenging, on top of corralling an additional 15 kittens in the box.

With Cataclysm, we have seen Blizzard move towards the mentality that the number of people in your social circle should not dictate which difficulty level you have access to.

And with the exception of the shared lockouts between 10 and 25s, I agree with this thought process. There’s a whole ‘nother discussion about that, maybe some day we’ll come back to it.

So the fights are basically the same between 10 and 25, just with a little less wiggle room on 10s for any one individual to fail. Continue reading

Damn I’m Dumb Sometimes

In between bouts of madness in ZA/ZG this past weekend I actually got some stuff done.

Earlier in the week the guild switched to 10s from 25s and my mage was placed on a raiding team again.

And there was much rejoicing.

Being in a raid group means that Arioch has purpose again so I have to not only gear him up properly but also get to continue working on achievement whoring.

Got Exalted with Therazane for my shoulder inscription and got the Fungal Frenzy achievement in the process. I finally figured out the secret and will probably do a quick post on how to get that achievement later. Continue reading

And one more makes 12

Some of my more astute (or sober) readers may have noticed that the achievement I posted about  yesterday on the 20th was actually earned on the 15th.

I wrote the post in the middle of the day on the 19th, set it up for release the next day and didn’t think anything of it.

Funny how later that very night, we got this one:

Since we are on Central time server and we had actually gone past raid time Tuesday night, it counted it for the 20th.

Which is actually the day that I’m writing this post.

Aren’t time zones fun?

And if it weren’t for the fact that apparently that bastard drops a mount, I would vote to never step foot on Al’Akir’s platform ever again. Continue reading