Magely Marquee

We’ve seen the new clearcasting banner.

We’ve peeked at Cruorem and Kaayn.

I’ve shown off Selwyn and put Jhaelen on display.

Still on the fence about making one for the rogue that hasn’t even seen the light of day.

But what about the man of the hour? For whom this entire blog was created to brag about his accomplishments, share his triumphs, and shamefully discuss his failures?

That’s right, time to look at Arioch’s banner. Continue reading

I sort of cheated

Got Jhaelen’s banner done.

And I’ll admit, I cheated a bit.

For all the others I have lovingly crafted a background from scratch.

And I started to do that here…

But I had this lovely screen shot of the evening sky over Hyjal. I was already using it as the base for my color palette (which didn’t last long, I ended up doing a much brighter panel that got scrapped in favor of this one.) Continue reading

Spotlight for Selwyn

The funniest thing about this little banner project of mine is that almost none of these banners have ended up looking like what my original (admittedly hazy) vision was.

I had this image of swirls and loop-de-loops with contrasting colors and it was bold and exciting!

And I became so thoroughly distracted with all the neat STUFF that I found that nothing quite like the beginning thought has been created.

That’s OK.

I’ve had a lot of fun just poking at this and seeing what happens.

And that’s kind of how Selwyn’s banner came to be.

The other day I was running around Org and my random mount of the moment was the Winged Guardian.

I was admiring the use of contrasting colors, the bold purples with the creams, and the hints of pale blue with a splash of lavendar. It’s really a very pretty mount.

Suddenly it struck me as only natural that I start a banner with a palette in mind instead of the randomly clicking about on a color wheel method I normally employ. Continue reading

And next up

we have Kaayn!

So with Cruorem’s banner I was just playing and went, “hey, I should slap a character on this!”

With Kaayn’s I had a little more forethought and planning involved.

He’s currently specced unholy.

I have a frost spec that I’m even worse at, if that’s possible.

I *really*miss the days of blood DPS.

But since those personal glory days of blood are gone, I wanted to showcase his unholy side with a dash of the frosty. Continue reading