My work computer is having issues so I’m falling behind.

School starts next week. One instructor has opened the class early. (Online classes are awesome.)

The house isn’t as clean as I would like it.

I have 2 dozen or more unfinished craft projects laying about.

Not to mention two novels in various states of editing. (Or being written, the second one has some skipped chapters and a missing ending.)

There’s the question of some 100 titles sitting in my Steam account.

And WoW and FFXIV.

And the entire Wheel of Time series sitting on my kitchen table.

In the middle of all the stuff from the master bedroom that’s being remodeled.

So what do I want to do? Continue reading

Magely Marquee

We’ve seen the new clearcasting banner.

We’ve peeked at Cruorem and Kaayn.

I’ve shown off Selwyn and put Jhaelen on display.

Still on the fence about making one for the rogue that hasn’t even seen the light of day.

But what about the man of the hour? For whom this entire blog was created to brag about his accomplishments, share his triumphs, and shamefully discuss his failures?

That’s right, time to look at Arioch’s banner. Continue reading

Starting from the bottom

Because we all have to start somewhere, right?

Anyway, you’ve probably noticed that part of the new banner is up and running. Rumor has it that this has greatly improved the load time on the site. My apologies to anyone that was having difficulties before. Except Tel. No apologies for you!

Playing around with different brush packs has been a lot of fun and I’ve come up with ideas for banners/signature panes that I don’t think would have occurred to me otherwise.

For instance, I was playing around with various “grunge” and “distressed” brushes, no real goal in mind.

Suddenly, the landscape of chipped sandstone started to pop off the page at me.

A splash of blood later and it was off to the WoW Model Viewer to start throwing together some poses for my baby warrior. Continue reading