I’m In!

OK, sorry about lack of posts again, real life interferes – just ask Tir if you want more details. But expect a sketchy schedule of posting roughly whenever it’s physically possible (read: not much) over the next 3 months.

Anyway, along with being too busy to post, I’ve been too busy to log in… and then we both get beta invites!

So, I can’t do much, but here’s a couple observations:

1 – It’s hard to test when you can’t play.

Tir was able to make a cute little panda and zone in. I’m on the same server… Failure. Failure. Failure. Too many pandas in play already. Judging from his screen, there are roughly a quarter million pandas in a gigantic black and white (and red!) clusterfuck around the third quest objective. Oh well.

2 – Character creation is pretty cool.

I don’t think they’ve fixed the difference in how skin tones appear on the creation screen and in the game, but being able to preview the colors and styles in a pane to the side is pretty cool. Much easier to remember you like the third on the left instead of counting clicks. Unless you’re a female gnome monk – then your character creation screen is kinda bugged out; enjoy your black background.

3 – Yes, I made another blood elf.

Well, I couldn’t make a panda, what did you expect? The starting area was full of blood elf monks so apparently I wasn’t alone in my panda-less situation.

4 – Playing without add ons sucks!

Seriously, just yuck. The map is in the wrong place and I have to look WAY up at my character pane to see how much chi I have.

5 – There are spellbook improvements.

Active and passive abilities are broken out on to separate tabs. Can’t really tell you much more because I only got up to level 4 before having to log out.

6 – Starting weapons for monks are wrist wraps.

And they are bugged. At least for blood elves. They display at full durability yet you have two red sword icons indicating they are broken and you do shit damage… until you take them off and put them back on.

7 – Blood elf monk “roll” animation is hopefully incomplete…

It’s going to be awfully silly just using the normal jump animations stretched out over a few more yards. With a puff of smoke added, leaving us with this conclusion:

If you didn’t want to click through, the joke revolves around the roll appearing to be a fart-powered jump.

8 – All the other classes still have their trainers in the belf starting area… but no new monk trainer.

There’s a bunch of wounded outrunners, but I can’t honestly remember if they were there before or not. Theoretically, no one needs trainers any more. But I haven’t rolled a pre-existing class to verify that.

9 – You choose your specialization at level 2.

Actually, it’s a lie. The pane is available and the icon blinks furiously at you, but you can’t do anything with it. And some of your talents are literally mystery talents and others aren’t implemented or functioning.

10 – Filtering at vendors is cool… in theory.

If you’re brand new and run up to the first vendor and see nada, might be a bit confusing.

11 – Quest drop rates seem to have been improved.

One of the reasons I chose to roll a belf was my familiarity with the starting zone. Fairly recently I ran my baby warrior through here and the drop on lynx collars was terrible. Now, I’m getting one off almost every kill. Which leads us to…

12 – AoE looting is awesome.

Forgot about it at first and was wondering how I got 2 collars off one cat, but I was looting the corpses of momma and baby together! Isn’t that sweet?

13 – As a monk, changing your weapon type changes your attacks.

Because “jabbing” with wristwraps is fine, but “clobbering” with a staff is better. Be prepared for changes to icon appearance and spell names… possible borking of macros as well.

And… we’re out of time.


I was NOT expecting that

Don’t expect any posts for a while.

I’m happily raiding on my mage, at least as happily as I can in a 25-man raid.

The loot gods might not be smiling at me, but they are at least smirking.

I’m in 3-piece T13, an LFR ring, and the VP cloak. And some boots!

I have my loot lists laid out and color coordinated in Excel because I like spreadsheets.


As well as WoW is going, I’m afraid something has come up. Continue reading