In to the void…

Goes all my STUFF.

That’s right, 80 slots worth of STUFF neatly tucked aside in the nether with the release of patch 4.3.

FYI – suddenly everything has durability and it’s all BROKEN.

Of course, you can’t place anything broken in void storage… I wasn’t sure what was up with the farm of Jeeves around the storage guy, but it was pretty easy to figure out once I started trying to unload everything in there.

Other restrictions: item cannot be “unique,” although “unique-equip” is fine, all your gems/enchants will be stripped, and the item must be soulbound.

Oh, and be ready for a crowd.

Excuse me, coming through, pardon me, sorry about your tail

It got real fun when everyone started dropping AoE.

The price isn’t so bad, just 100g to unlock and it appears that every item I put in was 25g. I haven’t tried taking anything out yet. I’ll luxuriate in having a few free bank slots for a while first.

The guild is doing some moving and shaking.

Rules are being set down for what appears to be the first time and there is some rumbling.

The rules are pretty straightforward things like, “quit treating each other like shit during raids” and “spread the loot around” or “show up to raid on a regular basis if you want to be a raider.”

We’ll see how it goes. There is a contingency plan to break in to 10-mans and I would be lying if I said that idea didn’t appeal to me at least a little bit.

Not sure about the new raid yet since I didn’t go last night. With the holiday we were lacking a couple people and dropped to a 10.

Somehow I ended up in a guild with a plethora of healers. Between the holy priest and the shadow priest, there really wasn’t room for a disc priest for buffs and the holy pally had the tank handled with the raid under the wing (or branch?) of the resto druid.

But I did listen in.

Pro-tip: When the holy priest says, “There’s a lightwell there if you want to use it,” it means, “USE THE DAMNED LIGHTWELL YOU INSUFFERABLE FOOLS!” She’s just too nice to put it like that.

They took out the first boss in one shot. Second boss took a couple attempts. Third boss was a one shot. And then the 4th was slain. It didn’t seem very epic and I don’t even recall any discussion of screen shots for first kills.

Fishing Buddy is having a massive issue, but it was the only add on (so far) that caused any problems. Unfortunately, the issue is that you can’t log in with Fishing Buddy active.

I fished while the guild was raiding… I missed my Fishing Buddy.

Remember the flood of sparkle ponies when that mount was released in to the Blizzard store?

That was nothing compared to the absolute avalanche of Tyrael’s Chargers. They are EVERYWHERE.

And they’re rather pretty.

The “wings” don’t flap so much as just flutter about in the breeze, both while on the ground and in the air.

I’m pleased with mine.

Not so pleased that I’m willing to get a screen shot with any of my toons as Alliance… /sigh

But find a shadow priest with one. It’s fucking awesome in shadow form. *Almost* awesome enough for me to consider a shadow spec.

Totally disjointed post today, but that’s the way life goes some times.

I baked a pecan pie for Thanksgiving – with no corn syrup. It turned out pretty good. I even ate some and I don’t normally eat pecan pie.

And you’re not crazy, I redid the banner and layout. Next I might play with the background.

More One of Seven

As promised, here are the dirty details on our Beth’tilac kill.

We poked at Shannox and Rhyolith the first night and then came to the spider for our second night. And trash. MY GOD. FIRELANDS HAS A LOT OF TRASH AND IT’S ALL VERY BIG AND OBNOXIOUS.


Raid comp:

  • 2 tanks: DK and paladin
  • 3 healers: disc priest, paladin, druid
  • 3 ranged: mage, warlock, hunter
  • 2 melee: paladin, shaman

Yes, we had a lot of paladins.

I’m assuming you’ve watched a video, read a description of the fight, looked over the dungeon journal, or met her face on because I’m too lazy to look up abilities. Continue reading

Damn I’m Dumb Sometimes

In between bouts of madness in ZA/ZG this past weekend I actually got some stuff done.

Earlier in the week the guild switched to 10s from 25s and my mage was placed on a raiding team again.

And there was much rejoicing.

Being in a raid group means that Arioch has purpose again so I have to not only gear him up properly but also get to continue working on achievement whoring.

Got Exalted with Therazane for my shoulder inscription and got the Fungal Frenzy achievement in the process. I finally figured out the secret and will probably do a quick post on how to get that achievement later. Continue reading

Well that’s old

I have some few hundred screen shots tucked away in a folder that I need to go through and either label or toss.

As incentive to myself to perform this mind-numbing task, I’ll try to take the time to share a few of these with you.

I’ll most likely start with the oldest and work my way to recent shots, but I may jump around a bit just to spice things up.

Back when I started raiding, I was terribly curious about my DPS.

Was it good? Was it improving? How much did it vary from fight to fight?

I wasn’t educated on parsers yet so I would just snag screen shots of recount after various fights, usually whispering myself the name of the fight and any special circumstances that might make the numbers memorable. Continue reading


And that is how the 4.1 patch was ushered in.

Not with an exclamation of joy or frustration.

Just an off-guard “Accckkk!”

As always, I forgot to load the out of date add ons and was shocked to see the default UI upon logging in.

And as we all know, the default UI is just so… so… so… default.

After a few years of playing with add ons, sometimes I forget what the developers intended for me to be looking at.

Anyway, “Accckkk!” is also the sound many players that don’t read patch notes might have made upon entering combat and discovering that their spells casts acted a little off, a bit odd, something was different and they might not have been able to quite put their finger on it… Continue reading

And one more makes 12

Some of my more astute (or sober) readers may have noticed that the achievement I posted about  yesterday on the 20th was actually earned on the 15th.

I wrote the post in the middle of the day on the 19th, set it up for release the next day and didn’t think anything of it.

Funny how later that very night, we got this one:

Since we are on Central time server and we had actually gone past raid time Tuesday night, it counted it for the 20th.

Which is actually the day that I’m writing this post.

Aren’t time zones fun?

And if it weren’t for the fact that apparently that bastard drops a mount, I would vote to never step foot on Al’Akir’s platform ever again. Continue reading

Then and now and again

I suppose the benefit of a busy life is the constant reminder that at least I’m alive, even if I’m tired and ready to collapse.

My poor little mage got to do a very little bit of raiding and can now claim a Magmaw kill. I don’t remember why, but we had to use the “OT tanks the maggots” strat… eh, it was a kill. Of course, nothing tasty dropped for clothies, but it was still a Cata-raid cherry pop for the mage.

Over the past few months, almost all my in-game time has been devoted to raiding. Our roster keeps sliding around as people are coming in and out of school, moving, and hitting the personal limits of frustration. Thankfully, I like raiding. I would prefer that we could keep a consistent roster and that the ones that do stick around were a little less on the “WTFDOYOUTHINKYOU’REDOINGSTANDINGINTHEFIRE” side, but (most nights) the kill makes up for the frustration along the way.

Funny thing happened the other day in guild. Continue reading

I haz a /squeeeeeeee

As referenced last week, there is a reason besides being low on healers that will keep my guild from letting me raid on my mage any time soon.

And it came with a /squeeeeeeeeeeee.

Those of you that happen to live within a 25-mile radius probably heard it happen, others found out through my status on Facebook or gmail.

For the rest, here is a pictorial clue:

Continue reading

A rather articulate crab

Nothing from me today, but something from a crab.

As much as I’ve struggled with new playstyles and pondered leaving healing behind, I get what Blizz is doing and I applaud it.

For those of you behind the evil walls of filtered internet content, the entirety of Ghostcrawler’s post is below the break. Continue reading

What does disc healing feel like?

As requested, this post will be all about the touchy-feely aspects of healing as disc.

So gimmie just a minute to get myself all cozy on the couch and start off by telling you about my mother…

OK, OK, I won’t go all Freud on you.

But how a class/spec/role *feels* is a very valid and legitimate subject.

I don’t like the way fire *feels* on my mage. I understood it, I even geared for it once upon a time, but I never liked the way it felt, too frantic and reactionary. Arcane had an order, a flow, and I was in control of it. If I wanted more damage, *I* could take steps to burst while my fire cohorts were sacrificing gnomes and praying to the gods of RNG. Continue reading