Will /chicken for Dual Spec

Didn’t log in at all patch day. Was feeling antisocial (read: bitchy).

Updated *most* of my add ons today, the ones that might actually be affected by the patch and/or I can’t live without.

Log in to WoW, check the add on screen to load all the out of date ones… half the ones I had just updated, the ones that were literally updated less than 5 hours ago by the authors were considered out of date. WTF?

Anyway, got in and everything seems to be working OK, or at least nothing has blown up yet.

Except maybe Silvermoon, but I don’t think my add ons are responsible for that.

Yep, parts of the world are down, most notably the instances, the mail, the AH, and some map sections. I’m not really sure what’s left, I’m scared to leave any area I can actually log into for fear of trapping another character in a dead zone.

But I did brave a few areas on my mage, had to go to Brill for my new chicken and horse! Continue reading