Old is New Again

And a little confusing.

(And two posts in one week? What madness is this?)

Anyway, looking at some achievements, I hadn’t played my barbarian since the middle of 2012. Or any other character in D3. I effectively dropped the game for nearly two years.

But all the fun with the Crusader got me thinking I should check in on my Barbarian.

After a good 20 or 30 minutes of cleaning out oooooooooooold, baaaaaaaaaaad gear on my mule characters, I was ready to enter the game.

I vaguely recalled that I was in Act II in Inferno level difficulty. The game had definitely stepped it up a notch and I was forced to evaluate my skills every few quests to pick what was best for the upcoming battles. It was certainly doable and I’m just a tad miffed at myself that I didn’t focus long enough to finish Inferno up… of course, I assumed Inferno would still be there.

And I assumed that with the original difficulty tiers being wiped, the game would dump me in Act II with a higher difficulty level, maybe Master since I wouldn’t have completed Act V yet.

Survey says… Creating Game…

Welcome to Westmarch! Continue reading

Rainbow Tradition

I am successfully taking some much needed time off of work to relax – without being sick or having a ton of homework to do.

My WoW subscription has officially lapsed.

So what’s there to do?

Play the D3 expansion!

Tir and I started Crusaders at roughly the same time. Seeing as how I hadn’t logged into D3 since before the patch – the FIRST patch, not the expansion, but the very first big balancing patch back in 2012 I think – I started on normal mode. I think he’s been bouncing between master and elite.

With the difference in difficulty, I’m usually a couple minutes ahead of him in completing a quest arc. I have fewer elite packs to deal with, but I also take more time poking around in my inventory so it almost balances out.

The big difference is in level. By the time I was level 10 I had caught up to him in the story, but he was level 20. I’m now level 30 and I think he’s 42 – but we both just started Act III.

So far, I’m really enjoying the Crusader class. Continue reading

D3 AH – Making the Sale?

Not likely.

For one thing, as of Tuesday night, I have some 20+ items in auction limbo. They were sitting there, ready to be sent to my stash and now they are gone. (They showed up Wednesday morning.)

So what’s selling all about in D3?

A bunch of insanity.

There’s a 10 item limit. Surprisingly, this doesn’t *really* bother me. (And I post 300-600 at a time in WoW when I’m in full swing.) Continue reading

D3 AH – Buying Power?

I’m sure anyone who’s spent more than 15 seconds in the D3 AH or in the forums regarding it is aware of these problems. Feel free to skip the rant on buying. I’ll follow up with a selling one.


Pro – You can select a character to compare gear to. Since you can’t access the AH from in-game this is pretty much a necessity. Otherwise my desk would be even more heavily strewn with little scraps of paper covered with tiny, near-incomprehensible scrawlings of vital statistics.

Item Type and Level Range selection all seem to work fine…

Con – Rarity is a bit sketchier. There are 2 main categories that are worth shopping in – Magic (blue) and Rare (yellow). Anything less than that won’t be worth it and Legendaries (orange) tend to be way out of my price range. (Plus no guarantee that they are really awesome either.)  Continue reading

Happy 2012!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year celebration.

Just dropping a line to assure people that I am, in fact, still alive.

So what do I plan to do this year? (Prepare for incoming random thoughts!)

I picked up a copy of Diablo II and its expansion over the holiday. It seemed only right that I should learn something about it before doing any comprehensive write ups for the D3 beta – comparing D3 to WoW just won’t always work. I’ve played a little bit of it and will try to get some D3 posts up very soon. (Slap a TM on that “soon,” just like Blizzard.) Continue reading

I was NOT expecting that

Don’t expect any posts for a while.

I’m happily raiding on my mage, at least as happily as I can in a 25-man raid.

The loot gods might not be smiling at me, but they are at least smirking.

I’m in 3-piece T13, an LFR ring, and the VP cloak. And some boots!

I have my loot lists laid out and color coordinated in Excel because I like spreadsheets.


As well as WoW is going, I’m afraid something has come up. Continue reading