DMF – Final Score


Or down by one?

Or success with a save?

Let me explain.

So I had meticulously planned out exactly how many tickets it would take for me to get all the DMF pets before the end of the faire.

All but the last one had some wiggle room of either a couple days or a couple quests.

But Jhaelen was in charge of getting 2. Continue reading

DMF – And the score is…

Because I know everyone is breathlessly awaiting my continuing saga of trying to get the rest of the DMF pets this month!

OK, we left off with having just acquired the mount and and a pet, leaving four pets to go.

I’m pleased to report that Arioch and Selwyn were both able to purchase a pet.

Now it’s up to Jhaelen and Kaayn to bring it home. Continue reading

Apathetic to Frantic

Last two weeks have been BLAH.

And then, suddenly, the clouds parted and I woke up with renewed vigor.

Yes, I was vigorous and antsy.

The pendulum had swung from “do NONE of the things” to “do ALL of the things… NOW!”

The worst part is that I’m not sure which “ALL” of the things I should be doing.

Obviously I can’t do “ALL” of the things or I’ll risk burnout and apathy once again. Continue reading