Banner – Kaayn

It’s a good thing I kept all these files or I would never have been able to update the banners.

Kaayn is Selwyn’s twin, though he has no memory of this – only limited flashbacks of confusing images and memory fragments. His writing probably was very similar to Selwyn’s prior to his rebirth (redeath?) as a death knight but suffers from lack of use and faltering confidence. The pen may be mightier than the sword for some, but Kaayn doesn’t feel that he has anything to say worth writing down.

Old banner: Continue reading

In the meantime

Since raiding has been off the table in any serious capacity for the past couple weeks, what have I been up to in WoW?

With the exception of this past weekend, not much.

I started playing LoL and almost as quickly lost interest.

Watched the first 4 seasons of Venture Bros. Seriously, if you aren’t watching this, you need to start. What are you waiting for? Go watch!

And then two things happened.

Patch 5.4 and the promise of 489 catch-up gear for my alts and 100 free valor (if I can cap on Arioch) each week until this shindig ends (anyone know when it will end?) had me itching to put some serious hours back in to the game.

The second thing was my overwhelming guilt for not keeping up on my cousin’s gaming podcast (check him out over at ) finally caught up with me.

I had the perfect opportunity to roam the Barrens, mindlessly slaughtering Kor’kron and escorting caravans, while listening to the MANY hours of podcast I had fallen behind on.

I am sad to say that I’m still not caught up on the podcast (episode 19!) , but I made progress all over the place in WoW on multiple characters. Continue reading

Raiding Excitement – Not as Anticipated

Last week was full of raiding excitement!

Just not on Arioch.

Log in Tuesday and mill about Org, waiting for an invite.

(Actually, I stood around and made cloth bolts, Arioch isn’t a scribe. OK, bad joke is bad.)

The roster looks a little thin… only a handful of people are on.

Word finally comes down that it’s postponed to Wednesday.

No problem, just level that pally up to 79.

Log on Wednesday.

Again with the waiting.

Postponed until Friday.

No problem, just crush out some dailies.

And then Tir looks at me and says they need a 10th for an alt DS run. Continue reading

The cat is out of the bag!

So quite some time ago, I made mention of a super secret DK project.

I never did come up with a cool code name for it.

Anyway, the secret DK had clawed his way up to level 82 in (mostly) secrecy. (Zar knew I was there.)

And then…

Life blew up with work and toddlers and other raids and kittens and rainbows (surprising amount of rainbows in D3).

The secret DK project got left behind as I moved over to a new DK for yet another not-quite-so-secret DK project.

But a chat with Zar reminded me of the languishing first DK (which is really my second DK, or third if you count that one over there… why do I keep making DKs?) and I decided to make the push to carry out my secret mission prior to MoP. Continue reading

Because I said I would

So sorry about the lack of posts. Lately I’ve had the choice to either play WoW or write about WoW… playing won out.

I’m having a blast on my little secret project DK, with most dungeon runs being civil and smooth.


Then I get this gem of a tank.

He’s not a bad player, per se. (And I say “he” as he was claiming to have an enormous and magnificent dick.)

OK, he was bad.

Level 79 and direct queued for Drak”tharon Keep. Apparently he had been in the instance before, but after the first boss was dead and was attempting to get the achievement for completing the dungeon before hitting level 80. Continue reading

Of Deserter Debuffs

More crazy adventures of my top-secret DK!

One of my earlier runs was in Ramps.

OK, MANY of the earlier runs were Ramps, I thought that’s all I was going to get until I was eligible for Utgarde and then maybe Stonecore for all of eternity after that.

Ramps is generally a well-designed dungeon.

It’s short, has easy access back to the quest givers once the dungeon is completed, there aren’t an insane amount of trash pulls, the pulls require a little care for an undergeared or underskilled group, and it’s fairly linear.

The only big problem that Ramps has is the first patrol.

If you zone in and a party member takes 4 steps forward to be in range of the quest giver, they are now in range of the patrol at the end of his path. And he pulls the first two guards with him.

All hell breaks loose which sucks when your tank hasn’t loaded or the healer is still in their DPS spec. Continue reading

Button Pounding DK Scrub

Good band name?

We’ll get back to the regularly scheduled 20 days of WoW Blogging after I do some blogging about WoW.

Ironic, no?

Anyway, I have a feeling that my secret-DK project (which really needs a cool code name) is going to be ripe for the blogger fodder.

Got Slave Pens.


There is a disease running rampant through the group. One that saps 25 strength. That’s more strength than I have on most of my gear pieces, I could just run around without my pants for less effect. And when your party is all melee, it starts to take a bit longer to kill things. Continue reading

And next up

we have Kaayn!

So with Cruorem’s banner I was just playing and went, “hey, I should slap a character on this!”

With Kaayn’s I had a little more forethought and planning involved.

He’s currently specced unholy.

I have a frost spec that I’m even worse at, if that’s possible.

I *really*miss the days of blood DPS.

But since those personal glory days of blood are gone, I wanted to showcase his unholy side with a dash of the frosty. Continue reading