Out of my league

I’m sort of bad at melee DPS.

As a result, I often begin leveling melee toons (think I’m on my 6th warrior) and about the time things get complicated (fighting in a party, so level 15 or so) I tend to lose interest and wander away.

This is how my DKs end up as gathering toons. I’m relatively safe in plate zipping about, picking flowers, and hitting rocks.

But we’re at a situation in the guild where it would be awfully handy for me to have a third character to raid on when a warm body is needed and they’ve managed to get both my mage and priest saved to the same Firelands raid.

A normal BoT was being run.

They needed a warm body.

My DK is level 85.

He’s also ilevel 301. Continue reading

The Lich King is talking to me!

The Lich King is talking to me!

I expect at least one other person is hearing Dennis Leary say that line.

Kaayn finally got to run a 10 man ICC and listen to the tempting whispers of the Lich King.

I really think what with this being an RPG and all we should have an option to rejoin Arthas.

I also think we should have that option in the DK starting area. I want to turn XP off and just slaughter innocent peasants for a few hours.

It feels good to laugh that much.

Anywho, before I get carted off as a blood thirsty loony… Continue reading

Have bloods, will DPS

OK, so Kaayn got the bloods off Rotface and Festernuts on ICC 25.

Ran around collecting 25 primordial saronites.

Ran out to BFE Dragonblight and wildly flailed about through the RP/combat to get Light’s Vengeance.

Popped back in to ICC to pick up my purty Shadow’s Edge.

I luvs it and hugs it and calls it George.

And then…

then… Continue reading

And 80 #2 will be…

Hard to believe, I’ve been in the game for 2+ years now and only have 1 max level character.

That’s about to change.

I’ve had a blood elf pally that I’ve strung along for quite some time. He’s my scribe so I periodically get in a tizzy to level him up to unlock the next level of inscription. The method of leveling choice is invariably instance runs while someone else is farming for something. As a result, I have no freaking clue how to play him and get very frustrated. Continue reading

What’s love got to do with it?

The Love is in the Air event is almost over, and I find myself in an odd spot with it.

Arioch completed the event last year, the only thing┬áhe had to worry about this year was the new boss in SFK. He even got the pet, the Toxic Wasteling. Cute little bugger, it’s a green slime that leaps onto and consumes critters. And it does it very often, not like standing around waiting for Lil’ KT to frostbolt something.

There’s a mount drop with a 1-2% chance… and normally I am all about getting the mounts… and I do want that mount… but there doesn’t seem to be the giddy rush of wanting to go in every day to try for it like there was with the Brewfest mounts. Continue reading


Short post is short.

Next couple days will be light on content – I’m on vacation and my battlegroup is down.

I have rolled a DK on another server and I’ll say, it’s kinda weird the second time around.

First off, I practically had the zone to myself.

Soth also rolled a DK on the same server. He choose an obvious name while I choose, well, a name.

I waved at him. He waved back.

He poked me. I poked back. Continue reading