Raiding Excitement – Not as Anticipated

Last week was full of raiding excitement!

Just not on Arioch.

Log in Tuesday and mill about Org, waiting for an invite.

(Actually, I stood around and made cloth bolts, Arioch isn’t a scribe. OK, bad joke is bad.)

The roster looks a little thin… only a handful of people are on.

Word finally comes down that it’s postponed to Wednesday.

No problem, just level that pally up to 79.

Log on Wednesday.

Again with the waiting.

Postponed until Friday.

No problem, just crush out some dailies.

And then Tir looks at me and says they need a 10th for an alt DS run. Continue reading

Into the Deep End

5.0.4 hits and it’s a doozy.

There were a lot of changes under the hood that caused most of my beloved add ons to asplode into tiny pieces.

And to their credit, the add on authors have pretty well all been on the ball with rolling out updates and fixes.

But it takes time and not every add on was ready to go Tuesday evening.

Matter of fact, it seemed like the entire game was not ready to go. I think my frame rate was in the negatives, and everything was prone to massive freezes. Continue reading

A break from beta to bring you…

A Deathwing kill shot!

I’m now 7/8 in 10 and 8/8 in 25.

The “normal” 25, not the LFR 25.

You can barely see me right there in the middle, with the ghoul hanging over me.

Deathwing doesn’t leave much in the way for an impressive kill shot, but the sky went well with all the healing green on the ground. Continue reading

Perseverance pays off

Or is that pestering pays off?

Apparently the guild went on a recruiting spree and ended up with more healers and more mages.

But somehow I get to switch back to raiding on my mage.

I’m sure the math was convoluted and a raider was probably divided by zero, but I’m not going to complain.

Yesterday I mentioned that I wanted to get valor capped over the weekend, but due to my hand, it didn’t look like it was going to be feasible.

Monday night’s clean up crew was from the Tuesday 10-man, which I wasn’t a part of. Looks like I have some time on my hands. (hahaha, it’s a joke – because I have my Time Lord’s  Gloves; no one ever said geek humor was always funny.)

I got my gear in order and decided to try a LFR. Continue reading

Blizzard, what were you thinking?

I started the weekend with grand ideas of getting valor capped this weekend on at least one character.

But I have a problem that pops up every few winters that involves excruciating pain in my right hand. Friday night I couldn’t even turn a page in a book without wincing.

So there went that plan.

I did log in for the continuation of our Wednesday night raid and we picked up on the not-so-pushover Lootship 2.0.

Why, Blizzard, why?

We have spent years busting people over the head for standing in the bad and now you build an entire encounter that REQUIRES we stand in the bad. Continue reading

And now I can speak from experience

Last night I got to enter Dragon Soul and give it a whirl.

One of our raid members had managed to get saved to the first boss, Morchok.

So we 9-manned it.

And 1-shot it.

Now back in the day when I started raiding, in New Naxx, I don’t even remember what my first kill was, but I certainly don’t remember waltzing in and destroying anything.

Granted, I was also a new raider.

In Ulduar, Flame Leviathon doesn’t count. But Ignis and Razorscale were no laughing matter. Hell, until the nerf, the trash in front of Ignis was pretty brutal.

Trial of the Crusader I entered with no preparation, seeing as how I expected that patch night to be full of hair pulling and failing add ons. We fumbled our way through it, “oh, THAT’S how that works!” and “WTF? Now what?”

For Lord Marrowgar, I had learned my lesson and came prepared. We agonized over strats, watched videos, read anything and everything available. Fat lot of good it did us, we didn’t actually drop him until the first nerf. Continue reading