Not the Post You Were Expecting

When we last spoke, I left you with the cliffhanger ending of *gasp* considering running LFRs in an attempt to build my ilevel to a respectable level to be prepared for a *gasp* possible return to raiding on a casual basis.

Join us this week for the continuing adventures as the road takes us places we never dreamed of!


Did our wayward hero return to LFR in the pursuit of better gear?

Did he return to the hallowed halls of the guild and revel in their camaraderie?


I’ve been on the run

As you may recall, the last time I posted, it was about a great video of one of our cats doing something funny.

And it turned our lives upside down.

OK, not really.

But it was a fun little roller coaster to ride.

Osiris has since been turned into a GIF and plastered all over the interwebz.

The counter for the video is now over 621k views.

That’s not including the many thousand likes/reblogs on tumblr and the shares from the other sites hosting him. Continue reading

What the hell is going on around here?


Guild goes on raiding hiatus.

Weird “this is all your fault” drama with a potential to raid with my old guild.

I filled in here and there, but the start time of 4:30 local just is too tight when I’m in meetings that run until 4:30 on those days. No hard feelings, I think they found another mage anyway. I did get Tortus and Megaera down (still no Council for me).

Now, my GM has stepped down and left his GF in charge because he doesn’t know where he’s living from day to day. (Somehow, his being homeless increases the likelihood of his children having a roof over their heads. I can’t even pretend to understand the intricacies of this guy’s life.)

We’re set to raid again this week, new raid days of Wednesday and Thusday.

But we had a brief interlude where a miracle almost happened. Continue reading

How does this even happen?

Remember the other day when I said that my guild was on hiatus?

No, that didn’t change.

But the week before I *gasp* offered to gear my priest up since replacing DPS would theoretically be easier than replacing a healer (and with the exception of Tir, we’ve had pretty crappy luck with recruiting healers in the first place).

I was told, no, I should stay on the mage because my damage would be difficult to replace.

Awwww, how sweet. Continue reading

Didn’t see that coming

As I posted earlier, I was looking forward to trying the QUEST (which apparently involves a draenei porn star).

Log on Thursday evening bearing bad news – Tir’s semester is winding to a close and he’s slammed with homework/studying.

The GM/raid leader was less than enthused, but understood that school is at least slightly more important than wiping all night.

I was on about 30 minutes prior to raid.

There were 4 of us logged and ready to go.

I ran out to the island and popped into the inn. I had my flasks, my feasts, my pots. Continue reading

Greener Pastures


The grass is always greener on the other side, but in my case I think the grass was greener EVERYWHERE.

The Sahara has greener grass. Mars has greener grass.

Raiding on Saturday was terrible.

I use the word “terrible” loosely.

Abysmal. Horrendous. Catastrophic. You get the idea.

It was decided to let the druid healer (punk kid) bring in his hunter and let a new (to the raid but longtime standing guild member and nice guy) take his place as healer. Continue reading

I should know by now

If I want to see change in this world, I just have to bitch and moan and whine and complain.

After I did my post the other day about the guild being a bit… stagnant, everything changed.

Everything was fine, apparently they had pugged a couple people in the Friday raid that I couldn’t attend (too busy trying to kill friends with under-cooked fried chicken) and they had moved in to the guild.

It was looking like we had enough to be able to just about fill our own raid.

Our problems were solved, yay!

Bitching, moaning, and complaining always work!

There were plans to come back in to the raid later Sunday evening so I logged to cook some lamb chops (yum yum) and came back in time to get my invite to the raid.

And watch a scrolling mass of players logging in and immediately leaving the guild. Continue reading

Squishy Feels

Warning: Whining

It seems like I always start the new year with vim and vigor and a lot of “RAWR! Let’s DO this!”

Not so different in WoW. Late December I managed to get my BoA inscription staff upgraded twice by doing dailies on alts to gather VP. This meant I was able to leave Arioch’s meager stash of VP untouched. It also meant that I didn’t really have time to add to that meager stash…

But I was having a good time (even if I did whine a lot on Twitter) and really felt like I accomplished something when I was able to equip the 2/2 upgrade. The cute little paintbrush tail is only trumped by the fact that I can now keep up with the people 10-15 ilevel ahead of me.

However, I can only keep up with them when we actually raid.

Prior to MoP we had a couple dramatic incidents whereupon the dramatic people left in a dramatic swirl of drama. Upside? No more drama. Downside? Significantly reduced roster. Continue reading

PSA: Ninja or Not

Warning: Long post!

So via a Twitter link, I stumbled upon this FaceBook page dedicated to naming and shaming the ninjas of the WoW community.

For those of you who don’t want to log in to FB, here’s the image of the post in question:

Yeah! Damn that monk rolling on cloth!

As a mage and a priest I fought boomkins and restos for a long time over cloth pieces. Now I have to fight with monks over it too? Where’s my pitchfork and torch?

But the armor specialization makes it stupid for leather wearers to roll on cloth… Continue reading