Sorry for the odd posting times, just not organized enough to get shit done the night before.

This post doesn’t really have a purpose, just me rambling about current dramatic events.

I got to raid again on Tuesday!

But first, back track to last week, when I also raided on Tuesday.

That raid was not the “normal” Tuesday raid. The “normal” raid was postponed to Friday so that a certain someone, we’ll call him Raid Leader B, could attend.

Note – Raid Leader B is the guy that insists on dragging his wife, Mage M, along to raids even though she can’t DPS her way out of a wet paper bag. Strangely, he has the backing of Officer K, who used to raid lead the more progressive group and normally required that raiders pull their own weight. Continue reading


Still pretending to be a parent to Tir’s son so still no time to log on. (My parental status will change by or before July 7th. For those of you that just can’t stand to not read me in my WoW absence, I do have a blog chronicling my experiences: www.iknowwhymotherseattheiryoung.wordpress.com . No hurt feelings if you don’t check it out.)

I do make an effort to raid one night a week.

So here’s how that’s played out:

April 6th – told them I wouldn’t be there.

April 13th – sick as a dog, told them I would return the following week.

April 20th – “oh, we thought you weren’t raiding at all for the next couple months so we replaced you.” Continue reading

Do not want (more)

(This post will make no sense unless you read yesterday’s.)

Shut the front door. Hold the fucking phone. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Just the other week I filled out his little questionnaire on the guild site and was pretty clear that I was NOT willing to change specs.

I don’t like playing fire. I’ll try it again in MoP, but right now I can’t even stand the way it SOUNDS. Yes, I don’t like the playstyle or even the basic sounds of the spec.

Immediately I was irritated. When angry, my damage either spikes up or plummets. It was a downer night. Continue reading

Do not want

There’s a lot of things I do not want. They most likely far outnumber the things that I do want.

The biggest WoW-related thing that I do not want at this moment has nothing to do with Mists of Panderia and how badly (or not) they may destroy my characters.

It has nothing to do with the new changes to the D3 real money auction house. Changes of which I’m still not really sure how I feel.

Nothing about gold farmers, loot ninjas, trade chat trolls.

What I don’t want is actually very surprising for me, considering how much it has been something that I wanted and actively strove for in the past.

So what is it? Continue reading

After 6 comes 7?

OK, no, we won’t take the meme any further.

Besides, judging from the crazy dedicated efforts of Martha and Navimie, there probably aren’t many bloggers left to get tagged!

I am pleased to report that 5 of my 6 continued the chain in at least posting a picture. I won’t *Zarigar* name any *Zarigar* names about who *Zarigar* didn’t play along… but I believe *Zarigar* the troll in question has been busy with that real life thing.

Now comes the fun part of adding some of these new-found blogs to my blog roll.

Of course, this means starting from day 1 and hopefully trying to not lose my place before getting caught up. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve “lost” a blog and just never wandered back because I am completely fail. It’s not you, it’s me. Really.

I’ve got some ideas bubbling about for a series of blog posts. Continue reading

Pussy Plate

Warning: If the title didn’t already tip you off, there stands to be a fair amount of vulgarity in this post. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

Recently there’s been a bit of buzz in the blogosphere about the cultural effects of transmogrification (wow, my spell check actually likes that word), particularly in regards to why people may choose the types of outfits they do, how others perceive them, and what the proper terms are we should be using to insult each other, or at the very least, label each other.

In particular, I would like to point to MMO Melting Pot for calling my attention to Apple Cider’s post titled Let’s Get Rid of “Slut Plate” Forever and Terri over at the F word with her post, You’ll catch your death in that. Go read them if you can, it’s OK, I’ll wait a minute.

I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard the term “slut plate” before this post. So I imagine the “landslide usage” is either in the official forums (which I avoid) or in trade chat (which I ignore). Or it could be a local thing in her realm/battlegroup. Continue reading

Have you ever?

Morality question time!

So there’s this husband/wife team in my guild.

He’s not a bad player, she’s not the best.

He has admitted that he cannot stand raiding with her.

She might do better if he would stop logging in to her account, changing her spec around and moving all her actions in an attempt to “help” her.

So he’s generally in our core team and she comes in once in a while for farm nights.

A story came to light of a conversation between them in which he treated her like shit. Bordered on, if not crossed over into, mental abuse. Continue reading

No good deed shall go unpunished

So I’ve spent the last while with Tir leveling a warrior/pally combo.

This marks the first time I’ve actually gotten one of my many created warriors into – and out of – Outland!

We’re puttering around Northrend, moving altogether too slow for Tir… so we’re spending a lot of time insta-queueing for instances with him tanking on his holy cow.

We get Utgarde Keep for the eleventy-billionth time.

We have me on my little warrior flailing about for DPS, the first DK we’ve seen in ages, a shadow priest, and a resto shaman to fill out the group.

My numbers aren’t great. I’ll admit, I fail fairly hard at DPS. Plus my gear sucks and until I got Bladestorm, I might as well have just enjoyed a slushie while waiting for Pengu to take care of trash packs.

But this DK was bad. He made me look stellar.

He was breaking triple digits, I will give him that.

His playstyle seemed to amount to using a different pair of skills each pull in a random selection. Continue reading

A rather articulate crab

Nothing from me today, but something from a crab.


As much as I’ve struggled with new playstyles and pondered leaving healing behind, I get what Blizz is doing and I applaud it.

For those of you behind the evil walls of filtered internet content, the entirety of Ghostcrawler’s post is below the break. Continue reading


Is down!

That is to say, Atra-fucking-medes has been slain.

In simpler terms, we finally were able to beat the shit out of a blind dragon.

Yeah, we got rolled repeatedly by a handicapped reptile.

The new raiding season started out very well.

Sometime in December the guild wandered over to own the new VoA-style encounter in Tol Barad. I’ve gotten to do the fight once, and it was cake to heal, even as disc. (What do I mean, even as disc? ZOMG. More on this later. Not today later, another day later.) Continue reading