I’m ready 2 play

Yes, this is a bit of a cop-out post.

But I told you this would happen while I’m working on this project at work!

Actually got a 25-man raid off the group last night with all guildmembers.

Took out 25-man ToCr with only 3 wipes – 2 on beasts and 1 on Anub.

No hunter with Tranq shot (Pie, Spliff, we missed you!) and a couple people were just slow on the MOVE part on Icehowl. Continue reading

Winds of the North Consumed Me

Saturday I was screwing around on my priest and my husband pops his head into my office.

Need ranged DPS for EoE 10.


I need that one for the Focusing Iris quest!

I think it was 2 tries, not bad at all for a PuG. We would have done better the first try, but we weren’t far enough away from the center of the platform when it broke so we pretty much ended up sitting on top of Maly. That doesn’t work so well.

Alextrazsa EoE 10

Neck upgrade for me!

Headed back into Ulduar 25 with (mostly) the same group of people as last weekend. They swapped a few people out on their side and my rogue hubby got to join us. He absolutely killed the charts. Continue reading

Failure to launch

For not being in a serious raiding guild, my calendar is full of raids.

The priest that runs the guild we’re allied with has invited us to something almost every day for about 3 weeks now.

Sunday was supposed to be OS 10 with 1 drake up, VoA if we controlled WG, followed by EoE 10. The whole mess was going to start at 6 server (4 local) and we were going to move from one right to the next.

I’m standing in the checkout lane of the store just before 4 local time freaking out. Nothing quite went according to the original timeline for the day.

Didn’t I just do a post about not showing up to raids on time? /facepalm

OK, call a friend that’s also in on the raids.

We’re going to be late, if they can fill our spots, please do so so no one is waiting for us, we’ll pick it up next week.


The priest isn’t even on?

OMG. Continue reading

WTB Weekends

So I can recover from my weekends. It’s the whole, “need a vacation to recover from the vacation” sort of thing.


Warning! If you have not done the Wrathgate event, I have some screenshots in here. Nothing too spoiler-ish, just a few random shots. You probably already know what happens since everyone babbled about it right after doing it.


Friday night we tried to get a Naxx 10 off the ground but that never happened. Just needed 3 people… no one in LFG. No one in our allied guilds that wasn’t already saved. Bah.

I can’t even remember what we did on Friday night and I have no screen shots. I may have just said fuck it and went to bed.

Spent most of Saturday morning not wanting to do anything since we had a Naxx 25 scheduled for 6:45 server (4:45 local). The instructions were to log in at 6:30 so we could get the show on the road at 6:45 sharp.

My people were either there or let me know ahead of time that they would be late and asked that their spots be filled.

The other two guilds… where the hell are all your people that accepted?

We ended up PuGing way more people than we had anticipated.

My time stamp shows that the first boss we downed, Instructor Razuvious, took a dirt nap at 8:19 server time. Continue reading