Couple more notches on the old belt

So I’ve been on the Alliance side for a week and half or so now.

I remember where things were before Deathwing blew up Stormwind. I tried running into a doorway that used to lead into the only AH in SW.

WTF? There’s got to be a dozen AHs in SW now, why would they remove this one?

They didn’t of course, just expanded the hell out of it and moved the entrance. Nice little upgrades from standing on crates to personal podiums. Jaxon is moving up in the world, it would seem.

I was planning on this move being… almost casual.

The main raid for this guild is a 25-man raid and they were apparently overloaded on mages and healers. My best bet was to come over and just take it easy in the 10-man alt runs. Which in a way, was a nice setup for me as I prefer the 10-man raiding environment. I had an opportunity to kick back, not worry about being an officer, and just enjoy the end of the raiding season before 4.3 drops.

I did get to run a 10-man on Aríoch.

And then IT happened. Continue reading


Raid in Review: By just a matter of days

And lo, the nerfs did come down from on high.

And there was much lamenting and gnashing of teeth and verily, the weeping of the damned could be heard echoing unto the heavens.

“Why couldn’t it have waited just one more week?!?!?!”


I think we could have had it without the nerf last week.

Oh well.

Anyways, here’s my post-nerf impressions of Firelands.

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Raid in Review: 2 to 3 or 3 to 2


This might actually be posted on the right day!

Sort of funny how similar themes pop up over night in the blogosphere.

I don’t want to spend too much time on it, but head over to these posts from last week for more information about 2-healing versus 3-healing in 10-man raids:

Reputation Grind

Orangeslice > Other Sodas

And it all started over here: Murloc Parliament with the reply at Screaming Monkeys. (Hey, look at that! More blogs for me to read!)

The discussion is about when and the reasons why a group decides to drop from 3-healing content to 2-healing content. (There was also a lot of discussion about the “right” and “wrong” ways to do Baleroc. Maybe I’ll do a post outlining our strat seeing as how it hasn’t changed much since our first kill.)

To be truthful, this is a decision that can only be made on a guild-to-guild, fight-to-fight basis. There is no blanket statement of “every guild should be able to 2-heal every fight in current content at X point of gear/experience.”

So anything I say is strictly from the perspective of my guild and our gear/experience. Continue reading

Raid in Review – Different Bedfellows

Again, a day late but this time I’m blaming it on the holiday.

(Some of you may have seen this post in your feeders yesterday. I fail at reading the calendar, still blaming the holiday.)

Last week we went and 2-healed 6/7 Firelands.

With our holy pally/disc priest comp there were a few moments that had me a bit tense, but on the whole it wasn’t too bad.

It helps that this pally is insane and thinks solo-healing Chimaeron is fun. (Yes, he’s done that.)

After our progress on Rag last Monday, we had high hopes for getting a kill this week.

We did one night with me healing with the holy pally.

The next night we swapped me out for the resto druid and I came in on Arioch.


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Raid in Review – Rag’s Fire Flickers

Thought I would take a stab at something resembling a regular feature. I’m shooting for this to be a Tuesday thing, but I fail for this week.

I think I might have tried it waaaaaay back a long time ago with a semi-regular (2 or 3 installments) bit I did reviewing web comix. I am now woefully about 2 years behind on all my comix reading. Man, I’m a slacker.

But I’m staring down burnout as our roster revolves faster than the Gravitron at your local fair.

We lost a main tank due to… creative differences? We weren’t killing Rag fast enough so he moved on to greener pastures. He must have been planning it for a while since he started building a holy set for a couple months and was taken in to the new guild as a healer instead of a tank.

Funny how at the start of the expansion we had too many tanks, great for smashing through heroics for the entire guild, terrible for raiding. Continue reading

More One of Seven

As promised, here are the dirty details on our Beth’tilac kill.

We poked at Shannox and Rhyolith the first night and then came to the spider for our second night. And trash. MY GOD. FIRELANDS HAS A LOT OF TRASH AND IT’S ALL VERY BIG AND OBNOXIOUS.


Raid comp:

  • 2 tanks: DK and paladin
  • 3 healers: disc priest, paladin, druid
  • 3 ranged: mage, warlock, hunter
  • 2 melee: paladin, shaman

Yes, we had a lot of paladins.

I’m assuming you’ve watched a video, read a description of the fight, looked over the dungeon journal, or met her face on because I’m too lazy to look up abilities. Continue reading