Summer Fashion

Introducing the “Tribal Mage”!


I’ve had this chest laying about since Outland – far before any mention of transmog. I came across a few pieces of gear that I thought were just unusual or awesome and tucked them away to look at. (I may be a WoW hoarder.) Continue reading

Two Plus Two Equals Potato

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s patch day! 5.2 is loading. Check out MMO Champ for a tidy list of changes.

OK, I admit it, the title is a little misleading.

(Because we all know 2+2=pistachio, derrrr.)

The title implies that I may have had a problem with math.

But I really didn’t.

The math was just fine – great, even! I conclusively proved that a weapon drop was not, in fact, an upgrade for me.

No, the problem wasn’t with the math at all.

My blunder fell squarely in the realm of “garbage in, garbage out.”

You see, I’ve been using the adorable inscription staff, the one with the cute little paint brush tip. I even went as far as to force two alts to grind for valor so that I could have it upgraded without Arioch having to pay for it. Continue reading

In a Word – Relief

Quick post because it’s late and I’m tired.


So it’s not everything that I was hoping for, but the decision to dump valor down to justice has been overturned.

Clicky here for blue words.

Additionally, it’s not looking good for a 5.2 release on 02/26/2013.

Clicky here for blue tweet.

Basically, they will give us 2 weeks notice for the end of PvP. We have not seen the announcement for the end of PvP. So no patch on the 26th, yay! Continue reading

PSA: Ninja or Not

Warning: Long post!

So via a Twitter link, I stumbled upon this FaceBook page dedicated to naming and shaming the ninjas of the WoW community.

For those of you who don’t want to log in to FB, here’s the image of the post in question:

Yeah! Damn that monk rolling on cloth!

As a mage and a priest I fought boomkins and restos for a long time over cloth pieces. Now I have to fight with monks over it too? Where’s my pitchfork and torch?

But the armor specialization makes it stupid for leather wearers to roll on cloth… Continue reading

Aluminum Armor and Heirloom Expectations

I think I’m going about my baby tanking warrior in the wrong way.

How can it be wrong?

I mean, I haven’t logged on to him for a bit now, not since I replaced all his gear after the holiday-induced leveling spurt.

And that’s what is wrong.

I look at him on the character selection screen.

He looks back at me.

And I wuss out.

What started as a “just need to get my glyph bitch up to the next level for his herbalism” project turned into a rather enjoyable experience. I wanted to run around solo, not bother anyone with my complete failness of ret pally.

But questing in Outland really hasn’t changed much since it was released so the dungeons made a nice break to the drudgery.

I have no heirloom gear on him. Hell, I headed out with a leather helm. On a ret pally. Yeah, it was that bad.

So I queued up.

And didn’t do too bad. Sometimes I even did well.

To boot, I wasn’t even nervous about it.

I look at him on the character selection screen.

He looks back at me.

And I don’t flinch.

I have a secret project at the moment. I’m running a new DK on a new server. There are few who know of my identity and they have been sworn to secrecy.

Again, leveling in BC zones just doesn’t sound that appealing. I want to fly around, pick flowers, beat on rocks, and kill things every 10-20 minutes when the queue pops for a DPS.

Being on a new server, and too cheap to mule crap over, I’m in the DK starter blues with a couple upgrades I’ve managed to snag from repeated runs of Ramps or Slave Pens.

Even with a completely fucked up rotation (more of that on another day), I’m doing well. Not always the top of the meters, but never the bottom. I’m even getting the hang of that melee thing, something I might be able to transfer to my paladin.

I look at him on the character selection screen.

He looks back at me.

And I jump right in.

So I was thinking about this, why I feel so nervous on my tanking warrior and feel no issue on my DPS toons?

I mean, yeah, it’s a new role for me, but I’m decked in full heirlooms! I’ve got a shield without intellect on it! I should be rocking the joint!

Memories of leveling Selwyn well up; of being terrified that I would fail – fully decked out in heirlooms, with the best enchants, the best gems. Leveling Selwyn was almost painful for me. Zone in to a group. Four strangers. Which one would die? Would it be my fault? What if they were too stupid and I couldn’t save them?

Selwyn was eventually saved by have a group of supportive friends band together to be my pocket group. (Most people look for a pocket healer, I needed a whole freaking group).

But I don’t want to do that with my tanking. When I healed my friends, I could yell at them to quit doing stupid things and they would usually stop standing in fire. When I started healing random people again, there was no yelling (other than at the computer screen) and they continued to stand in fire. Those are the types of people I’m going to end up tanking for, I want to be prepared.

I should be prepared, in my shiny heirlooms, with their pretty stats. I mean, I walk in to a dungeon and people see the telltale gear and go, “Hey, this guy’s in heirlooms! That means he knows what the fuck he’s doing!”

But I don’t. (I’m not a guy either, but I can understand the assumption.)

And I think that’s where the root of my problem is.

With the heirlooms comes the expectation that the player has a clue. That they know where to go in a dungeon they haven’t seen in 2+ years and certainly not since Cata “simplified” it. That they have 3 other tanks in progression raiding and know what to do when the mage goes off and pulls one pack while the hunter has tab targeted to a different group and the rogue has gone afk and the healer has no mana… *flail*.

With my other characters, in their quest greens and occasional boss blue, there are no expectations. The rest of the party looks at me and assumes that I’m a complete and utter noob. They might be pleasantly surprised to see me not be a total jackass or they might not even notice I’m there.

I’m wondering if it would actually be easier on me to tank by stripping off the heirlooms … what do you guys think? Am I crazy?

Perseverance pays off

Or is that pestering pays off?

Apparently the guild went on a recruiting spree and ended up with more healers and more mages.

But somehow I get to switch back to raiding on my mage.

I’m sure the math was convoluted and a raider was probably divided by zero, but I’m not going to complain.

Yesterday I mentioned that I wanted to get valor capped over the weekend, but due to my hand, it didn’t look like it was going to be feasible.

Monday night’s clean up crew was from the Tuesday 10-man, which I wasn’t a part of. Looks like I have some time on my hands. (hahaha, it’s a joke – because I have my Time Lord’s  Gloves; no one ever said geek humor was always funny.)

I got my gear in order and decided to try a LFR. Continue reading

Tokens for Tier

Start with the tangent: Rag down! Unfortunately post-nerf but still down. Next raid in review I’ll talk about the post-nerf vibe.

Everyone is abuzz about T13 gear not being available through Valor Point purchase in 4.3, it will only be available through raiding.

Warning: long post.

Before I get into my thoughts on it, I realized that the only place I had seen this tidbit was in a paraphrased article on MMO Champ so I had to track down the original leak. There are blue references on the forums to it, but it’s not part of any official announcement I could find. The MMO article did link back to an interview between Greg Street (Ghostcrawler) and Ten Ton Hammer. This appears to be the source.

The Blue Words

Per GC in the TTH interview: Continue reading


Not just a cool idea anymore.

I was kind of iffy on the whole ‘mogging thing, just sounded like a reason to get people back into old content and a bit of a gold sink.

(Not that I am opposed to gold sinks, look no further than my mount and pet collection.)

I wasn’t even going to post about it.

(Although there is an old PvP set that I find to be amusing…)

But then they posted the Mage T13 preview. Continue reading