Perseverance pays off

Or is that pestering pays off?

Apparently the guild went on a recruiting spree and ended up with more healers and more mages.

But somehow I get to switch back to raiding on my mage.

I’m sure the math was convoluted and a raider was probably divided by zero, but I’m not going to complain.

Yesterday I mentioned that I wanted to get valor capped over the weekend, but due to my hand, it didn’t look like it was going to be feasible.

Monday night’s clean up crew was from the Tuesday 10-man, which I wasn’t a part of. Looks like I have some time on my hands. (hahaha, it’s a joke – because I have my Time Lord’s  Gloves; no one ever said geek humor was always funny.)

I got my gear in order and decided to try a LFR. Continue reading


Tokens for Tier

Start with the tangent: Rag down! Unfortunately post-nerf but still down. Next raid in review I’ll talk about the post-nerf vibe.

Everyone is abuzz about T13 gear not being available through Valor Point purchase in 4.3, it will only be available through raiding.

Warning: long post.

Before I get into my thoughts on it, I realized that the only place I had seen this tidbit was in a paraphrased article on MMO Champ so I had to track down the original leak. There are blue references on the forums to it, but it’s not part of any official announcement I could find. The MMO article did link back to an interview between Greg Street (Ghostcrawler) and Ten Ton Hammer. This appears to be the source.

The Blue Words

Per GC in the TTH interview: Continue reading


Not just a cool idea anymore.

I was kind of iffy on the whole ‘mogging thing, just sounded like a reason to get people back into old content and a bit of a gold sink.

(Not that I am opposed to gold sinks, look no further than my mount and pet collection.)

I wasn’t even going to post about it.

(Although there is an old PvP set that I find to be amusing…)

But then they posted the Mage T13 preview. Continue reading

I haz a /squeeeeeeee

As referenced last week, there is a reason besides being low on healers that will keep my guild from letting me raid on my mage any time soon.

And it came with a /squeeeeeeeeeeee.

Those of you that happen to live within a 25-mile radius probably heard it happen, others found out through my status on Facebook or gmail.

For the rest, here is a pictorial clue:

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First few hours in



This is not a test.

This is a real freak out reported by the Emergency Freak Out System.

I have logged in to Arioch and attempted to do stuff.


This concludes our warning through the Emergency Freak Out System.

Thank you. Continue reading

WoW. Just WoW.

So after my rather tearful decision being made, leadership transferred over, goodbye post left on the forums, and characters invited to my new home I spent part of the day going through some old blog posts of mine.

I told you this was like a journal for me.

I was reading about how happy I was to be breaking 2k in VoA, how much my first guild struggled in freaking heroics.

I had actually forgotten about how challenging those heroics were way back in the day.

Posts about entering Naxx and being nervous as hell.

Posts about entering Ulduar and being nervous as hell.

Posts about the good times.

Posts about how fucking frustrated I got. Continue reading

The Lich King is talking to me!

The Lich King is talking to me!

I expect at least one other person is hearing Dennis Leary say that line.

Kaayn finally got to run a 10 man ICC and listen to the tempting whispers of the Lich King.

I really think what with this being an RPG and all we should have an option to rejoin Arthas.

I also think we should have that option in the DK starting area. I want to turn XP off and just slaughter innocent peasants for a few hours.

It feels good to laugh that much.

Anywho, before I get carted off as a blood thirsty loony… Continue reading