Epic Hair!

OK, I know I said that I would talk about our Naxx run, but some things are just more important in life.

Warning: This post is unusually girly for me.

Waaaaay back in November, I ran across this copy of Heavy Metal magazine.


I would kill for hips like that

WTB her sword and her hips

Our eyes met from across the Barnes & Noble and the purchase was made.

Yes, I actually read Heavy Metal. When I want to learn I read National Geographic or Smithsonian. When I want to think, I read Heavy Metal. Or when I want to ogle gratuitous nudity and violence. It’s really the perfect publication for me.

So that has been my haistyle since November, dark brown with red in the front. I’m not quite brave/crazy enough to do that with the make up. Yet.

Got my hair done yesterday and decided to kick it up a notch this time: Continue reading