Rotface and Mirror Images

OK, I’ll admit that I have not gone out and done a bunch of research on this yet.

That’s plan B.

Plan A is that one of my readers has a clue or possible explanation or can tell me that I’m imagining things.

The situation:

Rotface encounter in ICC.

We run in, I establish myself on the threat table and pop Mirror Images. Continue reading

Late post is late

I’m going to blame it on the new guy in the guild.

That’s what the new guy is for, right?

Actually, I was just up a little later than I expected trying to get my husband’s pally caught up with our alts that are already kicking it in the Outlands.

We tried running a couple instances the other night but the XP gain wasn’t anything exciting so now I’m just boosting him through quests.

Cleared Un’goro what seemed like a dozen times last night and took revenge on the Devilsaur about 15 times. It’s amazing how far away he’ll aggro to a level-appropriate character. Continue reading

Press Pause on Warlock; Press Play on Hunter

OK, the warlock help situation is on hold for a little bit. She’s making a concerted effort to figure some stuff out so we’ll see where she is in a week or so.

The guild hunter, on the other hand, may have been a much easier fix.

Our hunter just hit 80 sometime last week I think. She’s very much a casual player – plays as often as she can, has a few add ons, but doesn’t have an interest in memorizing hit rating tables and whatnot. But she listens when we make suggestions to her rotation and wants to improve so she can be more helpful. Continue reading