Actual WoW Update

Taking a quick break from the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge (which really should be called 20 days of FREE CONTENT IDEAS!!) to insert a post that is actually about WoW.

My guild’s second group has altered our raiding schedule. This is the group that I raid in on my priest and used to be Tuesday and Wednesday. Since we’re regularly doing a 1-night clear, Wednesday ends up being open.

Apparently quite a few people in the group are experiencing excessive lag on Tuesdays so we’ve shortened the schedule to just raiding on Wednesday.

Until we’re ready to go “hardcore into heroics”… Continue reading


Couple more notches on the old belt

So I’ve been on the Alliance side for a week and half or so now.

I remember where things were before Deathwing blew up Stormwind. I tried running into a doorway that used to lead into the only AH in SW.

WTF? There’s got to be a dozen AHs in SW now, why would they remove this one?

They didn’t of course, just expanded the hell out of it and moved the entrance. Nice little upgrades from standing on crates to personal podiums. Jaxon is moving up in the world, it would seem.

I was planning on this move being… almost casual.

The main raid for this guild is a 25-man raid and they were apparently overloaded on mages and healers. My best bet was to come over and just take it easy in the 10-man alt runs. Which in a way, was a nice setup for me as I prefer the 10-man raiding environment. I had an opportunity to kick back, not worry about being an officer, and just enjoy the end of the raiding season before 4.3 drops.

I did get to run a 10-man on Aríoch.

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The ZA Hokey Pokey

You put your druid in…

You put your druid out…

OMG? No! WTF are you doing?

Get back out there!!!!


Would you like to release?

And that’s how my most recent trip to ZA looked.

Zone in to a DPS asking the obligatory, “time run?” which the tank ignored. (The hunter that asked was on a bear so I don’t know why he cared other than just not wanting to spend eternity in there.)

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On My Own

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.

So by a string of coincidences, I ended up all by myself this weekend.

Perfect! I thought.

I’ll get caught up on some cleaning and sleep and WoW that work and my back has been interfering with.

Friday night starts off fine, get some cleaning done, log into WoW on Arioch and decide to queue for a random ZA/ZG.

By myself.


There were a couple other DPS in guild attempting to wheedle a tank or healer into queuing with no success so I figured I’ll do a little questing/rep grinding during my 30+ minute queue time. Continue reading

Then and now and again

I suppose the benefit of a busy life is the constant reminder that at least I’m alive, even if I’m tired and ready to collapse.

My poor little mage got to do a very little bit of raiding and can now claim a Magmaw kill. I don’t remember why, but we had to use the “OT tanks the maggots” strat… eh, it was a kill. Of course, nothing tasty dropped for clothies, but it was still a Cata-raid cherry pop for the mage.

Over the past few months, almost all my in-game time has been devoted to raiding. Our roster keeps sliding around as people are coming in and out of school, moving, and hitting the personal limits of frustration. Thankfully, I like raiding. I would prefer that we could keep a consistent roster and that the ones that do stick around were a little less on the “WTFDOYOUTHINKYOU’REDOINGSTANDINGINTHEFIRE” side, but (most nights) the kill makes up for the frustration along the way.

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Damage starts with RRRR

I had a plan.

It was a long, convoluted plan, but it would totally work for me.

And then the plan got crumpled up and tossed out the window.

When Cata dropped, I had to be gogogogogogogogo with my priest (as gogo as I could be working 60 hour weeks and sick as a dog) to be ready for raiding.

I’ll be honest, rushing through like that didn’t do a whole lot for me in terms of game appreciation. I enjoyed the new zones, but always in the back of my mind was, “I have to get through this and to max level so I can gear and raid.” But it was OK, because in the back of my mind was also, “hey, I’ve still got my mage I can level through here and take all the time I want.” Continue reading

A rather articulate crab

Nothing from me today, but something from a crab.

As much as I’ve struggled with new playstyles and pondered leaving healing behind, I get what Blizz is doing and I applaud it.

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