Hit or Miss

Well I asked for it.

The other day, I mentioned that the most-used search to get to my site had to do with the tiny colored eggs from the Noblegarden event. I closed the post demanding that people either search for useful things or watch rabbit porn.

Now people are searching for useful stuff and stumbling on to my site. My rabbit porn also got more hits.

So far I think the most useful thing I’ve provided has been a how-to for the Horde on getting the Westfall chicken.

But today, that will change!

I will provide something useful, just a couple days too late for the guy searching for it…

The query was “arcane mage hit cap for 25 man naxx.”

There is a lot of information out there on hit rating and whatnot and I’m sure there are plenty of sites that break it down for you. And here’s another.

So without further ado: something useful!


Arcane Hit Cap

Disclaimer: This information is only valid until it changes and only for level 80 characters. And I’m only talking PvE here. PvP has a different hit table. As of patch 3.1.something this *should* be accurate. If it isn’t, correct me. If there comes a major patch change that throws all this out the window, don’t correct me.

Your chance to hit a target is expressed as a percentage. To hit a mob of your level (80) you have a base chance of 96%, leaving a 4% miss chance. As the difference in level progresses, the miss percentage becomes astronomically huge. Continue reading