Warm Fuzzies

As you may or may not be aware, I’ve been working on getting a priest up to level 80.

He started as a completely hidden character, I wanted no one to know about him so I could hide and learn how to heal in obscurity.

That didn’t last too long.

I had posted about some of my first attempts at pugging on my priest back in the day before the spiffy new LFD tool. I can’t recall if clams stacked back then. There was definitely uphill walking in the snow, though. Continue reading


Haste is Swedish Fish

I’m working on a side project and it’s eating up some time. But it’s one of those things that won’t rest until it’s done so it’s driving me nuts.

As soon as I’m done and happy with it I will be posting the results to share.

Wednesday night I ran VoA 25 and 10.

The T8.5 gloves dropped in the 25 and I won the roll against another mage. Minor upgrade for me since I’m sporting the T8.

Broke down to the 10-man and the other mage left.

Realized after the fight that I was only a couple emblems away from being able to buy the T9 gloves – which have haste instead of hit. Nummy nummy haste.


Logged on Thursday evening with some time left on the item to be traded.

Pull up Recount and find the other mage’s name. Continue reading