I bring shame

To hunters everywhere.

The guild did really well on Tuesday night.

Group 1 raids Tuesday and Wednesday (and used to bleed over in to Thursday) and generally flounders around quite a bit. After being bounced back and forth a few times, I landed in this group on my priest.

Most nights we go in, kill Morchok, kill Yor’sahj, beat our heads on Zon’ozz, call a break, kill Hagara, spend the rest of the night wiping on Ultraxion. Maybeeeee we’ll see boat/spine the second night. I think we poked at Madness once or twice before the nerf.

So needless to say, I generally don’t have high expectations when entering DS on Tuesday nights.

But that 5% nerf seems to have been just the ticket.

There was one or two wipes on Zon’ozz, which had me very nervous, and a couple pieces of silliness on the boat, but everything else, including Madness, was one shot.

Hot damn. Continue reading

Adventures in Naxx

And now for Naxx…

Did the guild run of Naxx 10 on Friday and then through a new friend from that, promptly was invited to a Naxx 25 Saturday night.

For the guild run, we did not get our warrior/shaman duo back, our warlock called in sick, and the rogue was looking at 2 more hours of patching WoW after reformatting his hard drive.

We snagged a DK OT and disc priest pair, a new warlock and rogue, and I found a hunter that had never completed Naxx on that toon but knew all the fights. The warlock ended up having to leave after the first fight so we got another hunter. That hunter went afk on us right before Sapph so we booted him, grabbed a resto shaman that we knew and our holy pally made use of dual spec to go ret.

Stepping into Naxx 10 this week, we had 3 goals:

Press Pause on Warlock; Press Play on Hunter

OK, the warlock help situation is on hold for a little bit. She’s making a concerted effort to figure some stuff out so we’ll see where she is in a week or so.

The guild hunter, on the other hand, may have been a much easier fix.

Our hunter just hit 80 sometime last week I think. She’s very much a casual player – plays as often as she can, has a few add ons, but doesn’t have an interest in memorizing hit rating tables and whatnot. But she listens when we make suggestions to her rotation and wants to improve so she can be more helpful. Continue reading