Not Dead – Yet!

Long time no write…

Work has been amazingly hectic and I have spent the last two weeks sad that I do not get paid hourly.

I had to take a hiatus from NaNoWriMo (excerpt below) and spent the holiday weekend frantically pounding on the keyboard. I don’t have time to write about it right now, but it’s amazing how many writing ideas you can come up with when you’re trying to focus on a different one.

Related, it’s amazing how poor my typing skills have gotten the more I write. I am now misspelling more words than I spell correctly. It makes no sense.

Anyway, I’m now over 37k words as we head into the home stretch.

I even managed to squeeze in a bit of WoW and finally hit exalted with the Klaxxi after sitting at something like 20k/21k for almost two weeks.

My DK got exalted with the Tillers but is best friends with none of them. My farm looks so sad and pathetic. Continue reading


There be charts!

So at my work, we can cap our paid time off.

As in, if you let too much paid time build up they will stop giving it to you until you use some.

We dance a delicate line around that limit, making sure we don’t lose any time.

To assist me, I built a spreadsheet that calculates what my time bank looks like at any given time and is color-coded to warn me when action is needed.

My supervisor emailed me to notify me that I was getting close. If the employees don’t take time off, our management gets yelled at for not managing us properly.

I responded not to worry, I already had time requested and approved off and would be good, per my colorful spreadsheet, until February.

Her response? Continue reading