The other side

First things first – This post is a celebration that I hit 100k blog views yesterday. (The tally at midnight was 100,199.) Go me and many thanks to all of you that have come back day after day to read my ramblings. And thanks for derailing the comments on a regular basis. =P

And Dark/Soth is the one that guessed it correctly. Internetz +100.

Now into the goodies!

So after flaunting what the Horde-side of my pointy-eared character roster has to offer, it’s only fair that I showcase what I have for the blue and gold. (I would like to point out that my repeatable quest post was the highest viewed of mine that whole week.)

Night elf poses are a little easier to work with so I was able to do a couple things I wanted to with my blood elves.

I’m thinking of trying to do some wallpaper shots. I’ll start with my characters and then maybe look for volunteers. It has been said that in all fairness I should include the cows… nothing says sexy like “moo” amirite?

So without further ado, allow me to either delight you or mentally scar you. Either way, you’ll never think of Frostmourne the same again. Continue reading

Those become repeatable quests

Blame koala and repgrind.

All their faults.

It began as a simple comment and went from there.

Before I knew it I was up way past my bedtime twiddling with crap in the WoW Model Viewer.

That application is an awesome toy, but it does have its quirks. One of the hardest things is getting skin tones *just right* to match what the characters are. My priest and mage have the same tone, but the pally and DK are different, I swear.

There are some classification issues and things are not always sorted under their logical groupings. I’ve found Horde doodads under Alliance listings and things like that.

Some are just funny, like one hookah is under the title “bong.”

There was some discussion last night about which post should go out today. There was a vote taken, but koala and I won. No, we didn’t really pay attention to the votes. We knew what we wanted. /wink

I should probably provide a warning about what lies below the break, but everyone is most likely viewing this with a reader anyway so the surprise has already been ruined. Continue reading