Today is lacking content.

Honestly, I spent most of the weekend with my family and didn’t log in to WoW hardly at all.

Sunday evening I did log on to my priest for some healtastic fun.

Healed VoA 25, top two bosses.

My gloves dropped and went to the priest that did worse than I did. /sad panda Continue reading

The Edge of Fail

I stand on the rim.


An unanticipated breeze could send me over the edge.

Or at least that’s how most of last night felt.

We raid Wednesdays and Thursdays.

According to the calendar, anyway.

Something came up for our MT and two of our core healers on Wednesday. And some DPS was missing.

No problem, we’ll just scrape up some guild mates and do VoA and Ony as neither of those raids are really “progression” anymore. Continue reading


Last month we picked up 3 new recruits, they were a package deal – a prot pally, a DPS DK, and a shaman that we all thought was resto but it turns out he’s ele.

They will now be referred to as PallyA, DKB, and ShamanC.

PallyA was invited to the guild first, followed by DKB.

PallyA introduced his friend by saying, “here’s your new number 1 DPS.”

OK, hope you can put your money where your friend’s mouth is.

DKB’s name is a drug reference. Classy. Not even something clever, just a phonetic switch up.

A couple weeks go by and the officers are comparing notes on the recruits.

No one knows anything about ShamanC. He may have shown up to 1 raid but no one can recall him saying anything.

DKB thanked me for a port after a heroic run I did with him. The only time I can recall him saying anything. He is also the only one that registered on our guild site – a requirement for joining our raids.

PallyA. Whoo boy. The guy hardly ever says anything in guild chat, and when he does we immediately wish he would shut his mouth. Continue reading

ZOMG I have a stalker!

Log in last night…

The freaks come out at night

The freaks come out at night

My first thought… I’m a sucker for flattery as much as the next mage (and I’m a Leo to boot) but that seems to be laying it on pretty thick. I bet he’s going to ask for a free portal to Dalaran or something. SM runs? 10 gold? Where do these people come from?

A quick shift -click and I see it’s a level 4 blood elf hunter out in the middle of nowhere.

Huh. Out of all the mages logged on, how/why did they latch on to me? And how did they know that Arcane is my damage of choice?

We’re making small talk…


And the gears start turning and the smoke starts fuming and someone in guild chat mentions that someone has been looking for me.


(That should totally be an emote, complete with a little light bulb appearing over your head.)

I whisper back, “Going out on a limb here, Del?” Continue reading

Nothing says “love” like a head on a pike

There’s just something about an over-the-top display of brutality that makes me all gushy on the inside.

I never got to do the attunement to Onyxia. Never got to see her before the nerf.

I’m actually a little sad that everything has been nerfed so hard and/or removed so I can never experience those quest chains or epic battles.

Anyway, a group of 4 of us wandered into Ony’s Lair for shits and giggles.

I’m sure that fight was intense back in the day.

We killed her without breaking a sweat.

“Overkill” comes to mind…

She dropped a bunch of old-school goodies that we joked about. 18 slot bag! No way! And then we rolled for the head. Continue reading