I Bought the Farm

Actually, you get the farm for free!

(Still not the post about the exciting stuff, the farm is just too cool.)

If you are exalted with the Tillers and have unlocked all 16 plots, you can go up the hill to talk to Nana. She will give you a quest to talk to Yoon.

Talk to Yoon and he hands the farm over to you, walking off to talk to Nana.

When you leave and return to the farm, Yoon has been replaced by the Work Orders board. (Don’t worry, he’s just wandered down to the market proper to hang out with the other Tillers.)

Currently I have orders available for several factions and they all have a I after them so I bet eventually we get different versions of the orders. Continue reading

In a Word – Relief

Quick post because it’s late and I’m tired.


So it’s not everything that I was hoping for, but the decision to dump valor down to justice has been overturned.

Clicky here for blue words.

Additionally, it’s not looking good for a 5.2 release on 02/26/2013.

Clicky here for blue tweet.

Basically, they will give us 2 weeks notice for the end of PvP. We have not seen the announcement for the end of PvP. So no patch on the 26th, yay! Continue reading

Patch 5.2 Already?

In case you missed it: https://twitter.com/Bashiok/status/301013346717663232

I have oodles to say.

Don’t really have the “ooomph” to write any of it right now.

In brief:

Guild went in to raid on Saturday and we cleared up to Elegon.

Wiped a couple times on the sparkle dragon before calling it.

Came back in on Sunday. Continue reading

Spew of Consiousness

Beware! Total randomness in the form of observations, ideas, and questions.

Now that I’m done with my novel… (OK, not done, but close enough for now), I can write more over here!

In no particular order:

32. IDEA! Holy cow this is a good one… How about… instead of giving us grocery bags or whatever the hell type of bag Blizz was going to give us to store our piles of veggies, how about we get to use that damned cart Fish cleared off our plot? Once you hit that level of rep and you unlock the cart quest, it turns into a cooking supply bank.

19. Not only has someone made off with my chickens, but they NERFED my Red Cricket! I wish I had a screen shot to compare the sizes (silly me thought that the cricket wasn’t going anywhere), but the cricket has gone from gargantuan to “where the hell did my cricket go?” The only consolation in its size reduction is that it now has to hop insanely quickly to keep up with me. But still, why nerf the cricket?

57. Speaking of size nerfs, my DKs are still itty-bitty on the character selection screen. Continue reading

Quality of Life

I’ll admit that when the patch hit prior to the launch of MoP, I didn’t play much with the new talents.

I knew roughly what I wanted, picked what looked good/fun, and ran with it.

And by run with it, I mean I didn’t play my mage much before walking into panda land.

So when I left the airship and landed on foreign soil, it was with an untested mage toolkit.

The level 75 tier is where you pick up your AoE spell as a mage.

I know, no one really recommends Nether Tempest.

But I’m an arcane mage. Continue reading

4.3 on the PTR – soon

As the clever title implies, patch 4.3 will soon be tested on the PTR.

The complete notes can be found here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/3608419

A few spots are missing information, particularly mages, but there are some goodies available to commence QQ or celebration.

Patch notes for PTR builds are subject to much change, so don’t shoot me if none of this applies with the next test release. I won’t cover everything, I’ll focus on the general and fun/WTF stuff.

(There was also a nice blog post from the crab about some of these changes and even a few that didn’t make it to the patch note page: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/3615095) Continue reading


And that is how the 4.1 patch was ushered in.

Not with an exclamation of joy or frustration.

Just an off-guard “Accckkk!”

As always, I forgot to load the out of date add ons and was shocked to see the default UI upon logging in.

And as we all know, the default UI is just so… so… so… default.

After a few years of playing with add ons, sometimes I forget what the developers intended for me to be looking at.

Anyway, “Accckkk!” is also the sound many players that don’t read patch notes might have made upon entering combat and discovering that their spells casts acted a little off, a bit odd, something was different and they might not have been able to quite put their finger on it… Continue reading

And the good times keep coming

Yesterday I posted some of the published PTR notes.

More stuff came out almost immediately after, I <3 MMO Champion.

Here’s the things that caught my eyes:

1 – Gnomes take back Gnomeregan!

Does this mean that the instance will be removed? That would make the achievement for having run it a feat of strength. Or will it be a Caverns of Time sort of thing? Or maybe the related troll event is to capture Gnomeregan as well. We will steal it! And then destroy it because it’s way too cramped for anyone of a decent size to be walking around in.

Actually, it looks like the Horde re-take the Echo Isles. For information on both, check out the MMO-Champ post from last night. Continue reading

Angry post is really just peeved

PTR notes for patch 3.3.3 are out. Somewhere over here: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/test-realm-patchnotes.html

Some amazing stuff in there.

And one little thing that has me twisted off.

Incanter’s Absorption: This talent now only grants additional spell power when damage is absorbed by Mana Shield, Frost Ward, Fire Ward, or Ice Barrier. The limit of 5% of the mage’s health on the spell power buff has been removed.

If you weren’t aware, this also used to proc off the absorbs from a priest’s PW: Shield. Or I should say, as of today it still does but as of patch 3.3.3 it will not. Continue reading

Blizz Patch Notes Faked?

I ask this for one reason: Mages are mentioned and it’s not a nerf or change to an icon image.

It’s that time again, the patch notes for the changes on the PTR are out; our first comprehensive glimpse of what patch 3.2 may hold in store.

As always, the current PTR notes can be found at: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/test-realm-patchnotes.html


I’m highlighting the stuff that interested me, and often in a disjointed manner. If it doesn’t make sense, go read the damn patch notes yourself.


  • It looks like we’re going to have to make some adjustments to our vocabulary. The raids formerly known as “heroic” will be referred to as “25 player normal.”
    Because they are getting crazy.
    There will be “heroic” versions available of 10 AND 25 man raids. The LFG screen may get confusing… 10-man heroics and 25-man normals. /head scratch
    And some new tribute system that makes it sound like there will be a “Get out of fail PuG free” card that will allow you to (maybe?) attempt the new Coliseum raid multiple times in a lock out period. EDIT: Was talking with hubby about this tribute thing and realized I must have been snorting the arcane powder when reading this the first time. It looks more like a “you have X amounts of times to even TRY to drop this boss this week” sort of thing. Not at all what I was thinking. Good for great players. Sucks for my guild, but it will be ages before we see it anyway.
  • Isle of Conquest
    I haven’t even gotten around to SotA yet. I’m a slacker. This appears to have much potential.
  • New Argent Tournament goodies
    OMG more pets, mounts, upgrade your squire, and a new HEIRLOOM CHEST that will STACK the XP bonus with shoulders. Get cracking on your Argent Crusade rep now.
  • New druid skins.
    I may actually pick up my druid again. Of course the colors I like in the different forms don’t match up… so I have to figure out what form I will be in the most and change my hide color accordingly.
  • Portals to the Dark Portal
    No more charging out the ass for a portal to Stonard.
  • New Orgrimmar to Thunder Bluff zeppelin.
    Because when I was your age, sonny, we ran to TB. Naked. In the snow. Uphill. Both ways. And we liked it.
  • Postal service is lazy.
    More mailboxes. More dipshits with mammoths on mailboxes.
  • Children’s week in Dalaran
    Only comment – this better give me another damned pet. Continue reading