And the fields…

of Halaa will run red with blood.

Lyss finally caved to peer pressure and transferred her Alliance druid over to Drak’Tharon.

But she didn’t do the faction transfer!

So a bunch of us met up on Halaa and proceed to slaughter her.

Over 170 times. Continue reading

World PvP

Here’s the second of the “I fucked up and need to L2post” posts.! If you read it the first time, that was a draft, there were a few tweaks.

It’s dead, I know.

But I had a thought, are sanctuary cities to blame?

Have we, even on PvP servers, become so used to rubbing elbows with the opposite faction that our instinct for red is dead has atrophied?

I started on a PvE realm, RPPvE to be exact.

As I recall, and I could be wrong – I was a very lost little night elf warrior much of the time – there were only a handful of situations that would flag me for PvP on that realm.

  • If I did something stupid. It took me a long time to figure out the difference between the orc-mobs and the orc-NPCs in Ashenvale. Stupid patrol on the main road…
  • If I entered a battleground. And then got on the tram and got ganked by a rogue…
  • If I got to close to an enemy city. Like trying to get the map to bwom on Undercity…

Tangent! Continue reading

Clawing my eyes out


Make it stop…

No more…

Anything but that…

Don’t make me run Scarlet Monastery Graveyard any more!


I think I ran SM-GY on my priest at least a dozen times yesterday. I never want to set foot in it again.

Except unless “AwesomeRetributionPally” needs to run it. Just once for you. Now hurry up and level.

Spent all weekend on my priest, hit level 32.

1 FULL FUCKING level of that was done in the graveyard.

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I’m a screamer

The last post was way long and I didn’t even get to put in some of the oddball stuff.

As if rabbit-filled sweets weren’t odd enough.

Looking for help on this one: Does Patchwerk have an aura or something that cancels Invisibility?

During our 90-minute fail fest, I tried using it a couple times to get in a better position to die and it would fade instantly. Quick search on the interwebz pulled up nada. Anyone got a clue here?

In the Naxx 25 run, we were standing around in Sapph’s door reviewing the strategy. Everyone run to the left, stay out of his cleave, mage is on curses, druids/shamans help with curses where you can, spread out when he takes to the air, wait for the ice blocks, yadda yadda.

There was a comment about making sure that you get behind a “real” ice block, not a “fake” mage-made ice block. I was the only mage in the group so I piped up with something to the effect of, don’t worry, I scream a lot when I fake it. Continue reading

How do you die so fast?


–quote from my arena partner.

And that pretty well sums up our first week of Arena for Season 6.

Let’s just say that when a rogue and a boomkin decide they want a mage dead fast they get it done.

Yes, I have resilience, almost 800. And armor made of tissue paper.

13 games, won 2. I went in with the expectation of winning 1 in 10 and being happy.

I’m in the same arcane mage/frost mage comp as last season, no Flavor of the Month DK/Pally comps for us; when we win there really can’t be any accusations of face rolling, we fight hard for our wins.

I had to lock down my action bars for the first time. In one match I managed to swap abilities on my bars not once, but twice! I don’t click much so to fuck up like that made me feel really stupid. Like, more stupid than normal.

There will be some tweaking with my keybinds, I found myself thinking, “Wow, if I had mapped this to that then I would have gotten that Frost Nova off…”

I completely forgot about the fact I made a mouse-over polymorph macro. Granted, it’s original intended use was for CC on party members when fighting KT on 25-man Naxx… but I shouldn’t have forgotten about it. Durrrrrrrr…

Dual-stealth teams fuck us HARD. No dinner, no movie, no flowers, no lube. And they never call the next day. Continue reading

Arena Week 5

Arena: Week 5

Damn that RL™. It gets in the way about me writing about my virtual life. Shame on RL™.

Back on the 9th my partner and I ran our 5th week of arena. We started with a team rating of 1215 and personal ratings each of 1229.

Like usual, we had no skirmishes or practice during the week with the exception of Wintergrasp runs, and those can hardly be compared to arena. You can actually move and react in arena, as opposed to the lagfest that is Wintergrasp. Continue reading

Arena Week 4

Arena: Week 4

Practiced all week in skirmishes. Really. OK, not a single skirmish. But we thought about it! Just never happened…

Last week we ended with a Team Rating of 1226 and a Personal Rating of 1246 with a run of 6-5.

We only fought 10 of the 11 games, turns out that hiding from a match due to a phone call will net you a forfeit. My partner has apologized profusely for this, it doesn’t bother me at all. We didn’t know and I’m not so hardcore as to say that RL™ can never intrude upon the game. Continue reading

OMGWTFOMGBBQ Phat lewtz!!!!!

Or, in layman’s terms: “Wow, I’m really happy! This is a good piece of gear!”

With patch 3.0.8, Wintergrasp marks are now viable currency for some very attractive PvP items (trinket, boots, and helm). As I need 80 marks to get the gear I want and I had 5 marks at the time of the patch… let’s see… carry the 3… I need 75 marks. This means I need to dedicate some serious time to fighting in Wintergrasp, which I will talk more about later as it is an awesome place to be. Continue reading