The Zen of Butchery

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend.

If you didn’t get a holiday weekend, haha, sucks to be you. =P

I spent a little more time over the weekend working on the rogue – specifically leveling leatherworking.

Being the cheap bitch that I am, I refuse to level professions via the AH unless I have taken the time to stock up in advance, snagging good deals over a couple months.

Seeing as how switching around professions on the rogue was a bit of the spur of the moment decision, I did not have the opportunity to lurk in the AH for discount leather.

I did have a little bit of a stockpile from when I was leveling the original Kaayn as a skinner. I was saving it for my druid’s leatherworking.

What? I have a druid?

Yeah, he’s just a glorified bank alt. Male tauren scratch themselves so often I want to give them a flea dip. It got on my nerves so I stopped playing him.

Unfortunately, the reserves I had were not sufficient to support the massive volume of leather one must burn through to level leatherworking. Continue reading


Verb all the nouns!

I’ve been spending a little too much time over at

You’ll see why later in the post.

I’m digging the stealth – pickpocket deal on my rogue.

Just wandering about, taking a bit of this and a bit of that, never mind me, doo-de-do-de-do.

(Yes I sing little do-de-do songs while rummaging about in pockets.) Continue reading

Rogueing it up

After telling myself to remember to train in Orgrimmar I promptly forgot. It was another level or so before I went back and remembered.

With the decision made to level skinning, I made my way to Eversong. LOTS of dragonhawks and cats to skin (and eggs to loot). The leveling guide says to head out to Durotar and on this server there probably wouldn’t have been much competition, but the only thing better than kill sharing on a low pop server is not kill sharing at all.

BoA and Satchel gear has mostly rendered craftable items obsolete for leveling alts. I was able to make myself a pair of gloves before I ran out of light leather, but they were shortly replaced with the contents of a helpful satchel.

Brief tangent: Call to Arms should apply for all levels, not just cap.

Continue reading

Professional development

Now that I feel guilty about treating my rogue like trash

I spent some time giving a bit more consideration to the future of the character.

At the very least, I have a guaranteed spot as a bank alt set aside.

*IF* by some miracle I decide to actually keep this as a playable character to end game… I’m not real sure what I will do with my bank alt(s).

I had this plan to level the rogue with herbalism and mining and convert it to enchanting and leatherworking once I was ready to hang up the daggers for accounting ledgers.

But I’ve discovered a teensy-tiny little issue with my plan.

Normally, I level via questing with a dungeon here and there to break up the monotony.

This time I’m hitting up quests in between my dungeons.

The result is that I have left the appropriate zones for what I can pick and hit to move on to level-appropriate questing zones. Continue reading

Adventures of the Poor Rogue

I wasn’t feeling very well over the weekend, nothing really wrong per se, just not really right either.

So when I wasn’t half asleep, I devoted some time to my poor rogue.

Over the weekend I went from level 12 or 13 up to 20.

First dungeon, naturally, was Ragefire. Easy peasy, especially with the new threat mechanics.

Realized part way through that I had never gotten around to the training I meant to do and so was unable to Kick. (Leave it to a game to say that you are born without the innate ability to move your foot quickly towards an opponent.)


No one seemed to notice or care that I was missing out on that ability but I still felt bad and took care of it as soon as the run was over.

Also did some Wailing Caverns. 1000% better than it used to be and still terrible. I dropped into a group that had apparently been cycling through members and no one knew what had been killed by the previous members. We ran around blindly until everything was dead. Continue reading

A Tale of a Poor Rogue

So I have a plan.

I *really* want the Insane title on Arioch.

“Wait, isn’t this post about a rogue? Do you even read your own titles?”

Hush, you.

The requirements for the Insane title are currently something like:

  • Bloodsail Buccaneers – Honored
  • Everlook – Exalted
  • Ratchet – Exalted
  • Booty Bay – Exalted
  • Gadgetzan – Exalted
  • Ravenholdt – Exalted
  • Darkmoon Faire – Exalted

I’m already exalted with DMF. (And now there is talk of a new DMF stopping location, which probably means new quests that can be done for rep instead of grinding thousands of DMF decks. Bastards.) Continue reading